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What's in a drop of water?




You Have Your Company Of Young Men Just Like Dewdrops...” Sound familiar?


Here's a quote that...if given just a little bit of light...has the ability to sparkle like the sun:


Penetrate the heart of just one drop of water...and you will be flooded by a hundred oceans.


The scripture I quoted to begin with is well known to all of us, but hopefully I will be able to add just a spiritual gem or two that you may not have heard...and if you have...then hopefully you will find some small refreshment in the reminder of just why I appreciate each and every one of my dear brothers and sisters...both locally and here on Jwtalk.


Psalms 110:3: “Your people will offer themselves willingly on the day of your military force. In splendid holiness, from the womb of the dawn, You have your company of young men just like dewdrops.”


First, all of us offer ourselves willingly for Jehovah's service...we entered his service that way and that's why the change in how we report our hours doesn't faze me...our service to OUR God is willing...we would do it no matter what...our love...our dedication...our very purpose...is to use every single bit of “us”...to prove Satan a liar...to prove Jehovah right.


We do this side by side...our individual integrity shining brightly...like a sea of people thrusting brilliant beacons up to the sky amid the darkness of Satan's wicked world. Our light...shows the way to the truth...Jehovah uses each and every one of us...every day...whether we realize it or not.


Any little sign of integrity on our parts is a slap in Satan's face...and yet...in the midst of this intense spiritual warfare...exists something so beautiful...so spectacular...that Jehovah inspired David to quite literally sing about it.


Here is an excerpt from a Watchtower about this scripture, I found it amazing to really meditate on: The dewdrop simile is fitting, for dew is linked to abundance and blessing. (Genesis 27:28) Dewdrops are gentle and refreshing. In this time of Christ’s presence, young Christians willingly and eagerly offer themselves in great numbers. Just like refreshing dewdrops, many young men and women cheerfully serve God and assist their fellow worshipers.—Psalm 71:17.


Do all of you feel that way...about yourselves? Oh, how easy it is to see others in that light...to acknowledge that others are refreshing...others are kind and loving and considerate...others always know just what to say...AND when to say it. But not me...no, unfortunately...I put my foot in my mouth so much it has found a new permanent home...now I hop around one foot just trying to keep the rest of me intact!


Do you need to speak? Do you need to know just the right words...no, my friends...we do not...and here is the scriptural proof:


Acts 28:15: “From there the brothers, when they heard the news about us, came as far as the Marketplace of Apʹpi·us and Three Taverns to meet us. On catching sight of them, Paul thanked God and took courage.”


Upon catching sight...he thanked God and took courage. And this trek they made was no easy walk...the whole area was infested with mosquitoes and all sorts of horrible terrain. But they walked it...and it paid off...before they had even uttered a single word.


Now, about this beautiful sight...here...have a look for yourselves:






What makes this so beautiful? What makes it so precious to Jehovah that he would inspire his friend to make a song about it?


Maybe I don't understand all the reasons...and I'm okay with that. But here is a quote from a scientist that I found so profound...so germane to this subject...I simply had to include it:

"Dew is not enough by itself to keep plants alive long term, but during periods of drought these secondary processes become more relevant. Dew may help some species survive drought conditions."


Friends...Satan's world is in a drought...a serious spiritual drought that is growing stronger day by day.


Whether you know it or not...whether you want to believe it of yourself personally or not...each and every single one of you... is one of those dew drops...and whether you realize it or not...you have the ability to help others survive the drought of Satan's world. Like literal dew, we can't save every plant...but we may help SOME species survive.


But how?? It's easy to sit here and say that...but HOW??


Penetrate the heart of just one drop of water...and you will be flooded by a hundred oceans.


Open your hearts, friends. Your presence doesn't go unnoticed...even if no one ever tells you otherwise. Your kind words...your loving prayers...they don't go unnoticed...even if not a single other human sees or acknowledges it. Your presence at the meetings...on the ministry groups...do NOT go unnoticed...no matter if you ever hear a thank you or a “nice to see you” ...Jehovah sees everything and will repay you more than you can ever imagine.


And in regard to all of us on here...your posts do NOT go unnoticed...your likes...your emojis on someone else's posts...they do NOT go unnoticed. A simple thumbs up on someone's post that touched you...can equal Paul's catching sight of those dear brothers coming to meet him...trust me...I know.


We are in the last days...of the last days...each and every one of us has both the ability and the need to be a source of refreshment...because we are willing servants.


One last thought...just a personal reflection on Psalms 110:3...even though the slave has applied the latter part of the verse to the physically younger brothers and sisters who willingly join our ranks...isn't it a beautiful thought to know that Jehovah views each and every single one of us as being “young”?


We will be billions of years old...to the point where we probably won't even remember our physical age...and we will STILL always be “young” to Jehovah.


So please...continue to be just a simple drop of water...and allow Jehovah to use you...right through the end of this old drought straight into a world that will be brimming...with millions...even billions of sparkling drops of water just like you.


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4 minutes ago, Palmitero said:

Que hermoso, me has emocionado, muchas gracias por compartir esta información tan bonita, llega al corazón. 

Un abrazo. 🤗

Well, to my surprise I could read and understand that without translation! And I totally concur 😂

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On 10/27/2023 at 1:53 PM, Palmitero said:

Que hermoso, me has emocionado, muchas gracias por compartir esta información tan bonita, llega al corazón. 

Un abrazo.



How beautiful, you have moved me, thank you very much for sharing this beautiful information, it touches the heart. A hug

Gracias hermano @Palmitero en España. :grouphug:

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