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  1. Thanks very much for that tip. I referred to study notes in Romans last week when I was meeting chairman, and there was a number of confused brothers and sisters trying to find them in the app, not realising it was online!
  2. Just to add my 2p / 2c worth ..... I think what you are seeing is an icon. When enlarged it appears to be a refresh or update page type symbol, ( circular arrows.) I also think its always the same symbol each time, just sometimes it's partly hidden under the years text 'text' - so sometimes its only half or a Corner of it that you can see. I wonder of the text screen is in 2 'layers. A bottom or backround layer which is a black background with the jw logo, and then the actual text is another 'layer' on top of that. - and this symbol is showing between the layers. I also don't think its anything in JW library or someone else would have seen it as well. I wondering if it would help to bring up windows task manager and slowly start killing some running processes and any other open programs to see if it would disappear off the screen as you do that. We have done something similar. We took a screenshot of the text screen, and I didn't alter anything except to put a red spot in one corner, then set that as the desktop wallpaper across all the screens. So now if the computer loses focus off JW library, the screens don't appear to change at all to the audience except for a small red spot appearing in the corner. Hope my ramblings are of use. Kevin
  3. Ok,. Ex-tv engineer here..... ( In other words probably out of date but never mind.) First thing to get in mind is that you are dealing with 2 completely separate technology's here. You can view broadcast pictures through the antenna or cable. The programs are only picked up by the antenna or cable and doesnt need wifi to work. You can view the internet version of some broadcast channels plus extra online content such as jw broadcasting through the Roku. The programs and channels are only picked up through the internet and doesnt need an antenna or cable to work. There is no link between the 2 systems. ( Except the tv which is just the way to view them) So to use the Roku you only need the tv and Roku connected together by HDMI. No antenna/ cable connection needed. Just wifi. If you also want to watch or record broadcast programmes you need the antenna/ cable. ( Dependant on country. I'm in UK.) - that's the simple version. With extra hardware it's possible to record broadcast programs using the Roku as an interface, and a few other neat tricks, but I wouldn't worry about that if your still struggling to work out what plugs in where!
  4. Some talks I love to give..... Are you marked for survival? Safeguard your Christian identity. You can resist the spirit of the world. Are you confident in devine victory? I love a good illustration and these have some of my favourites!
  5. Manwithnoname

    Going to Venice and Rome

    Amazing city to visit. I cant offer any better suggestions than those above. I would recommend visiting the Colosseum, Trevi fountain and Spanish steps later on in the day, 8 or 9 pm, as well as the usual day time visit - its quiet and has a completely different atmosphere. And walk part of the original, actual Appian way (acts 28:15) immediately outside the Colosseum. Visit the Colosseum and look out for the information boards describing recent archeological discovery's that show that it was likely financed in large part or mayby entirely by the treasures taken from the temple and the campaign against Jerusalem....... and then read how the Vatican was built out of the marble cladding taken from the Colosseum.......! Also go to the circus maximus. It was here (not the Colosseum) that the torturing and killing of the Christians took place. There's no building remaining, but the oval chariot track is still clearly there. To stand in the middle of that area and think about what our brothers suffered was one of the most moving moments I've ever experienced in my life. Have a great time. Kevin
  6. Myself and my wife were captured next to our MET carts about a year ago, so I have been counting 24hours a day field service time since then! I did 8760 hours last service year... I won't post the picture as I value my anonymity. (As shown by my username!!) ...... .....And I'm not exactly photogenic! MWNN

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