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    USA Circuit - WV3
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    I didn't make the Truth my own till I was in Bethel. That's the short of it.

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    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
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    Chill-Hop, lofi hip hop, Jazzhop, Chillout
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    MST3K (series)
    Doctor Who (series and movie)
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    Don't Worry, Be Happy

    Matt 5:4 “Happy are those who mourn, since they will be comforted"

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  1. Nathan..where are you?

    1. Gregexplore


      Hmmm... yes we miss you :(

  2. Nathan...where are you????

  3. Jehovah draws us.
  4. Friday... I think. 3 words: Best adoption ever.
  5. 3 words... The ransom saves.
  6. Hahaha, no worries. I knew what you meant. 3 words: Rewards are real.
  7. There are 943 languages on jw.org but only 845, so some are missing... for now.
  8. March 27th Justification is justified.
  9. @Sepie93 I don't think there is a way to insert it into the app but you can play it with a video player like VLC once downloaded.
  10. Not updated on either. Maybe I am not suppose to enter God's Love.
  11. My 3 words: Delegation is wise.
  12. A new stylus maybe. Chapstick for all the talking. Couple energy drinks. Sticky notes. Candy. A special note. Oh don't forget the energy drinks (the healthy ones).
  13. It was a good movie. I took my mom to go see it since she is an Agatha Christie fan.
  14. March 23rd Good communication helps.
  15. March 22nd Beware faithful servant.

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