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  1. Santiago2020

    Nuns on the run!

    Isn't that a song..."Nuns on the run...she's just a nun on the run"
  2. Santiago2020

    Age old buddies

    I could not see by your words if he is a JW. Sounds like he may not be. Definitely listen to him, let him get it all out. So if he has children...regardless of the kind of relationship he has with them...try to talk about them and how he can focus of his relationship with them. Give him a worldly point of view to continue. If no children...and Not a JW...wow...just keep in touch with positive heart tugging info. Ask him as a friend to remove and care for his guns. Ask to allow you to remove all the alcohol from his house. Remind him that he is loved and needed by friends and family and bring in Jah. Sounds too much or even crazy...but take it from me..my dad shot himself when i was 6 years old...seconds later I ran in and saw him. I wish i was older and mature back then to work this advice. He needs a breather...some time. Sadness, hate, fear...all that fades over time...just fill that time with love and concern. If he is a JW...will...i guess the same...but take a brother that has gone through the same pain. Both of you friends due to what in common...help him through this with someone he can have something in common with
  3. wow...makes me glad I returned my nintendo first gen after 2 days and a sore thumb...GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!
  4. https://www.rt.com/news/448550-magnetic-field-navigational-mystery/ Could affect GPS?
  5. Probably brother Pete’s hearing aid. He always has to tilt his head the right way to get the feedback and interference to go away.
  6. Keep on Sister...we are almost there!!! Many of us living in pain 24/7 for many years. Deep tear flowing prayer...and wait for it
  7. https://www.rt.com/newsline/448158-church-egypt-officer-killed/
  8. Wow. Love is the key. Things will get harder. Love will grow colder. Live and let live. Spiritual people move on...I like that ...like water off a ducks back.
  9. Santiago2020

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    IM A NEW FULL ACCESS USER ON JW.NET YIPPY!!!(firing finger guns in the air shouting PEW!!! PEW!!!) What not to say to a new Full Access User on JW.net?
  10. Santiago2020


    I will pay attention next time I open a bottle. I didn’t know. Thx
  11. Brought to mind the reminders of simplifying our lives and analyzing our situation to see if we can have a greater share in the ministry. One day we will leave behind all that it is not in our Go-Bag...so why accumulate and waste precious time
  12. Santiago2020


    Never heard of this...tell me more plz...why returned?
  13. Chinese Police Officers Have Raided Mosques In A New Crackdown On Religion TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Chinese government expanded its crackdown on religion over the weekend, with hundreds of police officers storming three mosques and forcibly evicting hundreds of worshippers in the southwest province of Yunnan. Videos circulating on Twitter show uniformed police officers forcing their way into one mosque, where residents were reportedly praying for protection. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/williamyang/chinese-police-have-raided-mosques-in-a-new-crackdown-on

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