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  1. We had 190 in attendance for our first Memorial as a new cong. We normally have 100ish to our Sunday meetings, so it was great to have nearly double that number!
  2. Greetings from Perth, Western Australia. 7 hours to go till our first Memorial as a new congregation
  3. The one about the toes in Daniel’s image was from the 2011 district convention. It was entitled “God’s Kingdom Will Crush All Other Kingdoms—When?”
  4. It’s available to request (for printed copies) on jw.org, so it’s probably only a matter of days or weeks away for digital release
  5. It is ‘branch visit.’ Previously it was known as a ‘zone visit.’
  6. We have brother Robert Ciranko visiting us in April
  7. In 2012, the meeting for Gilead was discontinued and replaced by the meeting for applicants of the Bible School for Christian Couples (BSCC) because the focus of Gilead School changed. Since then, only those already in some form of special full-time service have been invited to Gilead. Then in 2014 the BSCC meeting was replaced by the meeting for School for Kingdom Evangelizers applicants. As a side note, these used to be called ‘sound dramas’ on our convention program. In 2016, it changed to ‘dramatic Bible reading.’ Also, have you noticed for the past couple of years, we have not had the “keynote address”?
  8. Hmmm... I wonder why the Bethel meeting is gone
  9. For me: Sunday - Kingdom Ministry School Monday (really its Tuesday for us in Aus) - JW Broadcasting
  10. I love the clarity of that rendering. No need to explain how godly fear compares with the traditional sense of the word ‘fear.’ Please feel free to share more
  11. Thumbnail image for Part 2 of the annual meeting:
  12. Pretty sure this is the first time the workbook showed up in the app earlier than it did on the public side of jw.org
  13. As mentioned, minor update for iOS is now available. Mainly bug fixes, also fixed a slightly annoying issue for iPhone X users where the icons at the bottom were too close to the ‘swipe up’ bar, which meant you had to be really careful about tapping the right part of the screen to switch between sections of the app. Now the bottom bar of icons is moved slightly further up to alleviate that issue

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