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  1. Thumbnail image for Part 2 of the annual meeting:
  2. Pretty sure this is the first time the workbook showed up in the app earlier than it did on the public side of jw.org
  3. If the arrangement is the same as with the 2014 international conventions, we should begin finding out locations for the 2019 internationals sometime in April this year.
  4. As mentioned, minor update for iOS is now available. Mainly bug fixes, also fixed a slightly annoying issue for iPhone X users where the icons at the bottom were too close to the ‘swipe up’ bar, which meant you had to be really careful about tapping the right part of the screen to switch between sections of the app. Now the bottom bar of icons is moved slightly further up to alleviate that issue
  5. Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a way to download the silent videos that are part of the Media section of the online Study Bible? I am aware I can watch them in the app, even then though I'm pretty sure they are streamed from the website, so I was hoping there was a way to download the videos. Thanks in advance.
  6. There will be a song presented by the graduates in part 2 of the Gilead graduation, which will be released next Monday. It is about not giving up. Perhaps this will be released separately as the original song for this month.
  7. Yes, there will be three fewer normal monthly broadcasts each year. Only Part 1 of the Gilead Graduation is presented as the monthly program; at the conclusion of this month's program, Brother Noumair said that parts two and three will be posted later this month. The annual meeting will no doubt follow suit, and the annual meeting will be the subject of the January broadcast. There are two Gilead graduations a year and one annual meeting, so three fewer monthly broadcasts.
  8. Interesting to see the artwork throughout the magazine is very similar to the new public witnessing poster designs. The opening article explains this magazine is the first in a series of special issues of The Watchtower. I'm wondering if the article on the back page about if the Bible can help us be God's friend, is a hint at what the next Watchtower will be about... We shall see Love the new design.
  9. Decisions made by the Governing Body are not made in haste or in some whim. They are very often years in the making. A Morning Worship by Brother Splane explained how the Governing Body often do 'fleece tests' with the changes, making a smaller adjustment first and seeing if Jehovah will bless the arrangement. I suspect the 'fleece test' in regard to the magazines was when they changed to only one magazine per month from January 2016. The change to only 3 WTs and 3 Awakes a year, with the probability that there will be no more new issues after 2019, was likely the long-term plan all along. Just because a letter to the congregations not that long ago mentioned to put in requests for Yearbooks doesn't mean the discontinuation of the Yearbook happened overnight, either. The Governing Body sometimes chooses to reveal information at certain special times. It is not that hard for the branch to cancel all requests for a specific publication for all congregations. They have to do that each time a new publication that replaces an older one comes out e.g. Bible Stories book/Learn From the Bible book. At any rate, a lot of time and prayer would no doubt have gone into making these changes. So it is within the realm of possibility that they may mention the changes during the November broadcast. As others have commented, there are definitely quite a number of people other than the Governing Body who are aware of major changes before they are announced. In my personal opinion, though, I doubt they'll discuss it given that the annual meeting isn't even online yet.
  10. The magazine, of course, will not be published until after the annual meeting, as it will contain an article based on the 2018 yeartext which is to be announced at the annual meeting. Thanks for letting us know it's coming anyway, lol
  11. I understand you don't want to rush the research that goes into producing the study Bible, but really, what point would this new feature of our midweek meeting serve if the study notes did not match with the weekly Bible reading? I suspect that the brothers are further along with the study Bible than we may realise. Not to sound ungrateful, but in two whole years we have had only three Bible books released in the study Bible. To suddenly announce that study notes and media will accompany the weekly Bible reading for next year in many languages indicates to me that significant advancement has been made in the original English study Bible and in translation of its content into other languages. Perhaps they have held off releasing more Bible books until a time when the material would have more relevance. Since we will be starting the Christian Greek Scriptures in our weekly Bible reading next year, it will prompt the brothers to make more use of this helpful tool. When you think of it, too, there would probably be less images and videos required for the books of the Christian Greek Scriptures which are comprised of letters to the congregations, as these dont really contain narratives of Bible accounts requiring geographical settings/background historical information, which would necessitate obtaining as many images and creating videos. I imagine that the books requiring the most effort would be the Gospels, the book of Acts, and the book of Revelation.
  12. I expect that soon we will have announced that the entire Christian Greek Scriptures will be available soon in the study edition of the New World Translation. If not, I expect the remaining books of the Christian Greek Scriptures will be released progressively throughout the coming year, in accord with our weekly Bible reading schedule so that by the end of 2018, we will have the entire Christian Greek Scriptures in the study Bible.
  13. Looking forward to the new 'Was It Designed?' video series. It looks very professional

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