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    My mom learned the truth when I was about 7 however since I was deaf (and no sign language) the only 'truth' I grasped was PS 83:18. My father was an alcoholic, my mother had been in an orphanage until adopted later in life, (foster mother was very abusive) - so they really did not know how to care for a family. I was removed from the home because of sexual abuse by a family member – not my father- and for being an unruly child. I lived in a very uncaring foster home, then later a juvenile home until I turned 17. (had regained most of my hearing by age 13)

    While in the juvenile home I was 'forced' to go to church (was told it was state law while in that facility) though I vehemently resisted going. One day the minister asked if anyone had any questions. I raised my hand and asked him why did he keep calling Jesus - God. Did not PS 83:18 say that God's name was Jehovah? Well funny thing happened. The next Sunday I was told I no longer had to go to church.

    I got pregnant almost as soon as I was released from state custody, married an abusive young man. We studied with a couple from my mom's kingdom hall, quickly got baptized, but unfortunately the truth was not in our hearts. (we were both very troubled young people) I think what I really wanted at that time was a connection with my mom. I was soon disfellowship.

    About 18 years later Jehovah so lovingly helped me to become reinstated. I can not express in words how thankful I am that Jehovah would accept me back. That was about 22 years ago. I am also so thankful that my mom taught me about Jehovah when I was little, even though I was so limited due to my deafness.

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    Reading, horse-back riding, painting pottery.
  • My favorite books
    The Bible. Also enjoy reading mysteries, especially women detectives.
  • My favorite music
    I absolutely loooove the kingdom melodies! Also, like all kinds of music with the exception of rap and hard metal.
  • My favorite quotes
    Life can be understood by looking back but it must be lived by looking ahead.

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