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    November, 6 1980

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    through a pioneer regular at '60 my mam began studied joint her sons

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    Preaching, Read Bible's articles,
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    Learn From the Great Teacher
    Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School
    Come Be My Follower
    Draw Close to Jehovah
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    pop, oldies
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  1. If there is someone give me details like to get a job in that company Thanks a lot
  2. Somebody knew some case of elder resignation, I mean when one brother wants to leave his privilege like elder.

    Someone has helped to an elder to think carefully about his decision and convince him to abandon such  idea if there are no solid principles involved. If there elders now with experience...

    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Hi Roberto,

      Sending you a PM

  3. Somebody get it this magazine? Give us a link
  4. Roberto Flores

    Broadcasting octuber 2014

    Brother in the site does not appear my petition, thanks
  5. Does anyone have an interview with Brother Burt Man, who appeared in the October 2014 broadcast? Just the interview
  6. thanks for new update to jwtalk.net

    1. Dismal_Bliss


      This one was a cosmetic makeover, but it sure looks nice ;)

    2. Roberto Flores

      Roberto Flores

      Very nice, good work

  7. Please download the watchtower magazine of January 2018 there is an explanation of the text of the year . I found out that the assistants were asked not to upload anything of the program to the internet, and the brothers were very obedient. But one or another dismissed raised confidential information of the School of the Ministry for the elders it is a pity that there are still brothers who violate the permissions they have when they have an account in the site jw.org
  8. I'm looking for an application to make the territories using googlemaps give advise please
  9. appreciate a lot your advise
  10. See this note https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/43666-testigos-de-jehová-atacados-con-gas-venenoso-en-una-asamblea-más-de-400-afectados/

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