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  1. mind blown. I had no idea. Thank you.
  2. I need your help. I'm planning on gifting a tablet to a young sister that wants to start pioneering this year. She only has a old, big tablet for the meetings which won't even let her update JW.library. She would like to have a small tablet (mainly for service and meetings), but can't afford it right now. So I'm thinking about a Samsung. The small ones. But I looked, and there are so many. I have no clue which ones are old, new, or even what the differences are Can someone please explain the world of samsung tablets to me
  3. Unless you know a way I can take you back in time to the actual annual meeting, no. But we've had this discussion here before. Some remember and some don't. But it was announced that in addition to the Bible we received then and there, there would be a pocket Bible, a large print Bible, and a study Bible.
  4. Is the paper study edition as announced at the 2013 annual meeting still planned? If so, I wonder what that will look like? Maybe some extra information at the beginning of each Bible book? Maybe even next to the chapters? But it can't be too much or it would get too big/fat!
  5. What kind kind of flour did you use? A store bought gluten free flour blend?
  6. To me that line has always sounded like saying "Good job Jehovah" To me it seems more appropriate to thank Jehovah for what he has done, than to tell him that he's done good. Because that's a given. He knows, everyone knows... But of course I might be wrong about the reason for the change. I admit I also prefer the old line. There are many changes where I prefer the old version. (Same with the new Bible) But, as has been mentioned, there must be a good reason.
  7. That's where we disagree. The meat consumption has gone down a lot in recent years because many people's eyes have been opened to what it does to animals (and their own health) and they care. That means lives are being saved. Less animals tortured and killed. That IS a difference. That IS changing something. Obviously everyone has the right to eat meat. But my conscience won't allow me to do it. That's my personal opinion. And I have a right to share it even if many disagree. There are many things only God's Kingdom will fix. Doesn't mean that I won't do my little part right now and here.
  8. I'm talking about what it does to the animals. Isn't that what this post is about? Do you have any idea what they have to go through? It's hell. But giving up meat is not as easy as just not going to the circus or zoo... For many the compassion for animals is not as strong as their own food cravings.
  9. I'm against all animal suffering and exploitation. I don't support circuses and zoos and such. But it would be hypocritical for one to avoid zoos and circuses, but to support the meat and dairy industry by eating meat and dairy.
  10. I think there is quite a number among clergy who don't believe in God. They just don't openly admit it. Would be bad for business.
  11. The article about the poisoning is just shocking. The second article wasn't written well and hard to read imho. I wonder if the brother was misquoted or if he actually said we don't allow homosexuals in our halls. That's just wrong.