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  1. Home security cameras

    We tried ring for a while. With our WiFi it was just to inconsistent in performance. I think hard wire is the way to go.
  2. But no bacon........ yet. https://www.impossiblefoods.com/
  3. Angels

    Is he holding up his head wrap due to fear or heat?
  4. Baptism numbers?

    Good question Brother. They announce both attendance and number baptized at the meeting so I don't know why we shouldn't share.

    Every president says that.
  6. I don't understand the pretext. I believe the response is nothing. She has no effect on how Great Britain is governed. Now if she were assassinated that would be interesting. I have been wondering when would the radicals attempt to take out Trump, and what would happen then. I feel like most of the US's enemies would not take out a sitting president in fear of retaliation against their leader plus some. But the muslim radicals leaders are under the gun all the time anyway. I'm sure half the population of the US would cheer initially but what would they do after they realized the next Dem president could be a target also.
  7. Ants... anyone

    Ok so we solved the ant problem. Now is there any REAL snake repellants out there?
  8. Just wondering, other than at the end I don't believe I saw anyone praying. Of course I'm sure there were some silent prayers going on. What are your thoughts? Obvious prayer or silent. For myself, I know I do not always remember to pray when I am in a difficult situation so I pray for help in that. Now I try to look for situations to pray about in a more conscious way. I think I/we will need this a lot more in the future.
  9. Is Trump abandoning US global leadership

    Very interesting thoughts Sis. As you said your speculating, no reason to tear you down. Hope you're especially right about how soo it is.
  10. What does all this means?

    My point was Kool Aide was a good thing to drink back then. Now it's a reference to poison.
  11. What does all this means?

    Well it just depends on who you trust to tell the truth about it. Everything is so political/divisive these days I really can't put too much trust in what is said anywhere on either side. The effect on the Earth will, I believe, be minimal. Not that I believe global weather is changing or not. I just believe the larger issue is the divide the belief causes in people. And Jehovah has stated he will not let the world be destroyed. This was a prevalent quote during the cold war. I think it would also count for the weather issues now. So to be clear, it is no longer global warming it is climate change. And even if the earth's weather pattern is changing Jehovah won't let the Earth be destroyed. My thoughts are if there is a change being made by man we will see the new world before it has a large effect. The turmoil due to the discussion is to me a bigger issue for the human race. Just another straw stirring the drink. So no matter which Kool Aide you are offered, don't drink it. (Does anybody remember the Giant Kool Aide pitcher commercials. I miss the simple days of being a kid)
  12. Looks like the depression south of Mexico may pay a visit to the Gulf of Mexico. Bears watching for us Gulf Coast folks.
  13. Vatican says its ok....


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