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    My mom and associating with other witnessess

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  1. elmcoll

    Circuit Assemblies 2018-2019 notebooks

    As always,thank you!!
  2. Wow!Sister Alecia another beautiful notebook.Thank you so much for doing this for us.You are greatly appreciated by us all for your time and effort in making the notebooks!
  3. Thank you for your lovely notebook Astrid.How are you able to keep up with the weekly WT articles and your beautiful convention notebook?Many thanks for your kindness toward us!
  4. Beautiful notebook Alecia.What a beautiful way of sharing with us.Looking forward to our convention so I can use my notebook!
  5. A real eyecatcher!Thanks so muci
  6. Beautiful and so very thoughtful of you to do this.I really love this motebook!Will you be doing one for our next assembly?
  7. Tha nk you so much Astrid!Youe notebooks are always so wonderful and very useful at the assembly meeting.
  8. As always, Astrid this convention notebook is so pretty and beautifully done.I have carried your notebooks with me to the conventions for several years now.Enjoy writing my notes in them.Thank you greatly!!
  9. Alecia, your convention notebook is very prettyThank you very much for taking the time to make one for us and It is really very thoughtful of you to do it.
  10. We  share our kingdom hall with two other congregations so our meetings were on Saturdays at 10am for several years.Now though,as of January 29,2017 our meetings are on Sundays again(Public Talk and Watchtower)at 12:30pm

    1. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      Is there a reason they discontinued Saturday Abe went to Sunday again?  Just curious as some here have awe pitched to a Saturday meeting. 

    2. elmcoll


      Congregation voted and so it is Sunday now.:)

  11. Pres.Obama is golfing because he is on vacation.
  12. What a beautiful scenery...makes you want to jump into the picture right now!
  13. Wow!How wonderful to have the pictures included within the large print study article.

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