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    I learned the truth from my grand mother and uncles who time and again took me for christain meetings. I loved being at the kingdom hall with my family. I made friends form there who in turn influenced me in a positive way. we would play kingdom hall set up at home. we would mount up bricks to make a pondiam and give/recite talks we heard from the hall and assemblies.
    Mum was raised from a chriastian family but did not take the truth seriously until after some time when i was baptized and my three young brother and two sisters got baptised. I had a privilege of studying with my young brother right up to baptism. I mean not only did i study with him but also immersed him in water baptism at the circuit assembly.....

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    being at large christain gatherings, sharing in the ministry, being abrest with the organisations activities

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  1. We really love the brotherhood with all the sacrifices. May Jehovah be praised! Thank you.
  2. When had the CO & DO visit the congregation. At the congregation Bible study the DO named all our GB brother by name as he commented on the picture on lesson 20 helping us appreciate that these brothers are real and exists in our time not just in the first century as they were 8 as well
  3. I know the couple being interviewed from Zambia serving at bethel in Zambia brother and sister Hudson. Very humble, Before their coming for gilead training bro hudson was the visiting speaker at the special assembly day.

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