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  1. I suggested this to my step-father but he's convinced the tablet is too old and it's not worth the trouble. He said that even when it was working, it was so slow that the scripture wouldn't load in time to read along with the speaker. It was the update that included the ability to take notes. I tried downloading the second update after that but it didn't fix the problem. When I do the power-on with volume-down button, it says, "Press Volume Up to enter RCK." When I press Volume Up, I get a screen with the Android that seems like it's loading something for a couple seconds, then it switches to a screen with the android fallen over and a triangle warning sign coming out of his opened chest. The tablet freezes at this screen and does not respond to any commands. Then it loads the tablet normally. I cannot get to any recovery options. I think we may have reached the limits of this tablet. I can't update the tablet past Android version 4.0.3. Thanks everyone for the help anyway. It was appreciated.
  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get to recovery mode. When I power-up with the volume controls, I get a screen with an android, then it switches to a screen with the android fallen over and a triangle warning sign coming out of his opened chest. I've Googled around for the last hour and it seems I have to root the tablet. This looks like it requires some serious computer hacking that I'm not up for at the moment. I'm trying to find an app in the Google Play store that will allow me to get to recovery mode without root, but without success.
  3. Hi, so major problem with my step-father’s android tablet: The JW Library app will not work anymore since the update! Now when I open JW Library, I try opening up any book or magazine or bible and I get a blank screen with only the title header. I’m attaching some screenshots to show you what those look like. For example, I open up the Bible, I see all the books of the bible. I tap Genesis, I get the chapters. I tap chapter 1 and I get a blank screen. The same happens when I try to open any downloaded book. I see the table of contents, but when I tap a link, I get the blank screen. These are the solutions I tried: -power off/on the tablet -check for latest operating system update (it was up-to-date) -reinstall JW Library app -delete JW Library app cache -toggling full screen off and on in the app These are the details of the tablet: -Model: Transformer TF101 -Android version: 4.0.3 Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Well I just made a discovery: All videos on are on JW Broadcasting. There are no videos that are exclusively on that are not on Anyway, I've created an Excel file that has every single video and its link as of June 28, 2016. I've highlighted the duplicates and added a checkbox so that I can keep track of the ones I've watched. I'm attaching a copy here in case anyone wants it. (I tried to convert it to a pdf but the links don't transfer) JW BROADCASTING all videos June 28, 2016.xlsx
  5. That's true. I wonder if there's a way to tell when a segment was part of a monthly program? That's great! How did you go about downloading all the videos on JW Broadcasting? Did you go through each and every heading and sub-heading in the Video on Demand section? Were there duplicates? I don't want to download all videos to my hard drive. All I really need are the links, then I can just stream them.
  6. I have a personal project (I don't know if I will ever complete it) but here it is: to watch every single video ever released on our websites at least once. To do this, I need a list of all videos released on (our official site) and (ie: JW Broadcasting). Then I will make a Master list (probably with an Excel file) and keep track with a checkmark which videos I have seen. Because let's face it, with over a couple hundred videos, it's tough to remember which I ones I've seen and which ones I haven't. Now, I can get a list of the 180 videos thus far released on from this site: This is really great, however, it doesn't seem to include all the videos from JW Broadcasting. The Video on Demand section is a maze of videos, each with sections and sub-sections: Has anyone compiled a list of all the videos from JW Broadcasting? Or does anyone have any ideas on the easiest way to do this?
  7. I'm a little disappointed that the Our Christian Life and Ministry Workbooks are not in the Watchtower Library. I know they are on the Online Library, but I really love the Watchtower Library. I prefer its format. Does anyone know if there's going to be an update where the Watchtower Library will include our monthly OCLM Workbooks?
  8. Hi! Does anyone know when Watchtower Library 2015 DVD-ROM will be released?
  9. Hi, the new year is soon upon us and I still can't find the 2015 TMS schedule anywhere. Any news?
  10. Does anyone know where I can find the Theocratic Ministry School schedule for 2015? I checked and the online library but I can't find it.
  11. Can't wait. Does it have the Revised NWT? Any other changes?
  12. Does anyone know when the new Watchtower Library 2013 will be available? It's not at the hall yet. My literature brother said it would be here last week and it hasn't come yet. Did anyone get it?
  13. I created a new file for the scriptures for Draw Close to Jehovah from the REVISED NWT. It is based on Trey's version, except I added all scriptures from footnotes and review boxes. I uploaded it to the Files Library, or you can just click on the link below:
  14. Version


    Scriptures for Draw Close to Jehovah from REVISED NWT, all footnotes and review boxes included.