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  1. darealpipe

    Video Search

    I got you tell you folks, You guys are awesome!!. I don't know why my own search did not turn up this result, but I am extremely glad you found it. I wonder if our sister that was looking for this, found the same article. And I wonder if they reprise (reprose, reprasied don't know the proper tense) the same theme later in other graduations. That might be why she thought it was on a more recent graduation. In any case Thank you Thank you Thank you all for your research.
  2. Hello friends.. One of our sisters was asking about a video talk on the broadcast site. She thinks its titled : "Do not become the thing you hate." I could not find it in the Morning worship section. So i think it may be in a gilead graduation or something. Can anyone help me find it? She thinks it may be Mark Noumair that gave the talk, but not sure.
  3. I always thought you were not supposed to. They applauded after the chairman thanked the visiting brother for giving the talk.
  4. Is there a list available that shows all the languages the NWT 2013 is available in? I ask because i'm in the Portuguese congregation and we sadly still don't have our new bibles nor the inserts like the Spanish congregation does. I've seen the Russian bible minus the Intro and the Glossary and Korean bible released at their convention. Does anyone know what other languages are available?

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