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  1. Thank you very much for your help Regarding the setup list with the topics: Does anyone have something like this?
  2. In what JW Broadcast did we had the video song "If You Could See What I See" (cart song). Do anyone have something like a setup list of the broadcasts? Thanks for your help.
  3. I know the distance from Tuvalu to Germany is about 15000 km. But I thought the Internet is rather fast. 1758 + your 6 = 1764
  4. GriaƟ di Astrid, there is that too in German? Thanks a lot, Ruben
  5. Hi, I'm searching for a list when our video songs (at jw.org called "Original Songs") have been published. I.e. "Your word endures forever" - Broadcast 2017-01 Thanks, Ruben
  6. I read this letter too... Yes, we do the same before and after the meeting - "kingdom songs". But what about the "Video Songs", at jw.org called "Original Songs"? What do you think, are they included here?
  7. Hi, does your "musicmaster" at th KH play kingdom songs before and after the meeting? (Should be common) What about the video songs? Saludos, Ruben
  8. I use this app for assemblies: Jehovah's Witnesses Notebook Just try it. It is free and from a brother.
  9. Yesterday I got a video with the ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (Canada). Their music was song 36 "What God Has Yoked Together". Does anyone know more about this issue? Have a great monday
  10. I'm not sure if this is only a bug with the german version: With the new "Examining the Scriptures Daily - 2016", I can't open the bible links at the right side. It works only by clicking at the link at the bottom: "Examining the Scriptures Daily - 2016" After this I cannot turnover to the next day, only scroll to the next day - but scripture links works again. I'm using the app on a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet. Do you have the same problem with "Examining the Scriptures Daily - 2016"?
  11. fibrecat

    Witness memes

    Not sure if I'm wrong here, and maybe it is just known (for me it was new), but I like it :
  12. Hi, is there anyone who has experience with adding the jw magazines podcast to a wifi radio? I used http://www.wifiradio-frontier.com/setupapp/fs/asp/AuthLogin/SignIn.asp?sLogoutType=OUTCOMPLETE&lngy=eng&sAuthErr=sp1&sAuth= to add the Feed URL. I setup a name for the Feed URL at my account. The wifi radio found this name, but the list is empty. Is there someone who established this? Thanks, Ruben
  13. Maybe also because of translation in other languages. In German we have only up to 140...

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