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  1. I dont sing higher for my cover up now sis rosie
  2. I try saying verses like poetry sis hope and ivy
  3. Accomplish something but for Jehovah's sake like making healthy surroundings sis bea
  4. I was thinking use 2 phones and let the original music play and listen, while you are recording in another phone sis ivy
  5. Brother irmantas, does audacity works for smartphones?
  6. I think it will be in european court of human rights battle brother jonathan
  7. Thank you sis terri I appreciate you Yen, las piñas
  8. They can recycle it in other bethel I think you sis hope already said it before that it will be removed before and this happened. Thank you sis hope for this thread
  9. Not me :)brother irmantas
  10. Count me in brother irmantas
  11. And i just thought the DO could be brother sam herd but he is just one out of thousand oversears sis brother mike

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