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  1. I dont know brother gregexplore if there will be perfect voice when singing without songs for praising its giver, as brother nebolsin said "Music can express joy, confidence, tenderness, and almost every other emotion." It really takes Jehovah's voice as He is perfect for us
  2. Like in early Israel, they were commanded to take possession of places and it were many they killed. They became separated to Jehovah and become inclined to other gods. Jehovah then said to them they will not be completely protected and last. They were nearly died because I don't know why many hated Jews. Another was the plan of figuring the earth is round or flat. Those who find foods or spices and some glory or fame, they say to spread the religion it became their primary motive to conquer places and killing many people. Then times were there are wars which include usage of 'drugs' or 'opium' of warriors. I don't remember why world war I started but it became prevalent, probably the death of someone and it literally killed everyone also it brought great economic depression that brought many to hunger. The world war ii to form alliances against nations that became to be ended when there at last nothing like that happens. The plagues like dengue or other diseases, increase of technology and also the mental disease/sadness that increase the suicide death from teenagers most commonly to old ones sis kejedo
  3. It means that I shouldnt got classes back then when I was younger, not to have friends who is in the world, not to hear anything from tv who were mostly worldly people. I always like the thought of it but Paul said when what he want to do its not his will. It mean he is weak in doing spiritually perfect. We are grateful to the ransom and the example Jesus laid about the law is not to be subject on anything in the world but just love Jehovah and also neighbor as ourselves sis normaclutter
  4. You can download tapatalk but you needed to make an account first even though you had jwtalk membership finished. When you have it now you can search other forums like jwtalk and you can comment, but in jwtalk you will be show as 'brenda' even though your name in tapatalk is something else. You can get notifications easy and faster than google mail so its an advantage. Its nice to have like 'home' and also inbox where all messages will be, its feature is real different to jwtalk but its helpful if you like to watch who like you because its all in a tab. I never tried tapatalk pro but it will probably eliminate advertisements sis brenda
  5. I don't know, I am sorry sis SheyZ
  6. Hello sis Andrea and brother Dave
  7. I will pray for the special peace brother Neil, it makes me feel uplifted Thank you
  8. I sip but if I like I can use slurp sometimes brother Johan
  9. Lat Long (-33.767149, 150.886788) GPS Coordinates 33° 46' 1.7364'' S150° 53' 12.4368'' E
  10. I probably lost track of time because of silly songs, so silly... sis lovejoypeace
  11. Thank you for the pictures sis hatcheckgirl Wow, last year Japan... and now singapore thats a very nice vacations
  12. I would like to know some person, how Jehovah find them resurrected and saved. I had some friends in school used to do pleasing for 'Lord' they dont have idea. I like to see how my faithfulness could be challenged too like Uria, example someone will get near and say about being sorry how she find me so boring today. I really look forward seeing other members in this forum come to life. I think its a personal thing I could tell. But when it comes to adventure, I dont know if I would like the idea I always thinking that there are a big place called abbyss, its scary in Paradise if it happened. I dont know if I can endure sleeping, eating and go back to nurturing the paradise, I always like the idea of spiritual paradise too. I think I can see it as still theres houses like condominums but its without pay, and cars not for the environment to harm it. I never think of how it could be exactly as today but I like seeing people which I enjoy now
  13. I would like to find you sis lisa Why not?