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  1. How can i know the correct label, the technician just told us about it
  2. Brother john, we had ASUS laptop that has a DDR3-1333 SODIM RAM
  3. rlyem

    UK Telecoms Advice

    Does telephone get hack too?
  4. We are told when we will buy RAM of laptop, it should be high voltage but the available is low voltage. Are there any bad effects in laptop if we chose low voltage?
  5. If it downloaded it didnt show its better in some ways but i am grateful for transcripts
  6. Looking down in heights 😩
  7. I like humans because I experienced it myself. No doubt, Jehovah created us
  8. I dont have a bible scheduling app but there are https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/?start=48 "Schedule for Bible Reading" pdf. You might want to download it
  9. They wouldn't mind hearing person attending sis moosic
  10. It works in our wifi brother Guri
  11. 1 Matthew 2 Watchtower 3 Syria 4 Wait a minute 5 Solomon /Jezebel 6 Paul

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