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  1. I dont have a bible scheduling app but there are https://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/?start=48 "Schedule for Bible Reading" pdf. You might want to download it
  2. They wouldn't mind hearing person attending sis moosic
  3. It works in our wifi brother Guri
  4. 1 Matthew 2 Watchtower 3 Syria 4 Wait a minute 5 Solomon /Jezebel 6 Paul
  5. 1 Psalm 2 Bible Teach 3 Israel 4 I have a religion 5 King Artajerjes / Queen Jezebel 6 Paul
  6. I dont find it useful unless there are percent chances of rain but i always bring my umbrella as much as possible brother greg
  7. Sorry to hurt anybody but i dont like hearing weather reports
  8. rlyem

    Gay pride...

    They would be influenced that there is nothing wrong to be gay or lesbian which is not a good event for a Christian
  9. https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/6023-guess-who-biblical-game/
  10. rlyem

    The Royal Wedding

  11. Probably in August too sis coonie77

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