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  1. Where is the glossary in NWT bible at jw library? Thanks
  2. The bible text he read mentions the south
  3. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    Nice sister normaclutter, you're correct
  4. Can someone explain to me who is king of the south? Thanks
  5. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    Nope try again but its correct its in the christian greek scriptures
  6. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    Hint: its a bible book
  7. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    Nope try again sis
  8. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    No a bible term, nice try
  9. rlyem

    2 pics 1 word

    The answer is gene + sis

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