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  1. @jayrtom This should help for starters. By the way, the arch is the structure creating the actual space under the middle of the foot. Someone else may like to contribute some dialogue?
  2. Yes indeed. And I like to ask: "Do you think men evolved from women, or women from men, or something else???"
  3. This sounds confusing??? As far as I know, Joseph Lytel Russell was born 4 July 1813. Ann Eliza Birney was born in 1825. They were both were born in Ireland, and emigrated separately to the United States. They married sometime around 1849, and Charles Taze Russell (2nd child) was born Feb.16 1852. Ann Eliza died in 1861 when Charles was 9 years old. His father at this time was 48 years old. In 1878, after meeting Joseph Russell, Emma Ackley (aged 24) started attending the first Bible study group organised by Charles T Russell (now 26 years old). Soon after, others of her family attended, including Maria Ackley, her older sister (aged 28 years). A relationship quickly developed between Charles and Maria, and they married on March 13 1879. Sometime early in the same year, Joseph Russell (65 years old) married Emma Ackley (25 years old). Charles is 27 years old , Maria is 29 years old at marriage. It is not clear which of the couples married first in 1879. However, Emma was step-mother, step-aunt, and sister-in-law, to Charles Taze Ruussell simultaneously. He of course was brother-in-law, step-son and step-nephew to Emma. (I'll leave you work out the relationships of Emma to Maria, and how Joseph fits in.) Incidentally, Emma's involvement in the Womens Suffrage movement is said to have greatly influenced Maria, creating issues which detrementally effected her relationship with Charles and her involvement with the Bible Students Movement, leading to their separation in 1897, the year of Joseph's death.
  4. Only a guess, but I think the answer is "Yes, you are logged in". The error must relate to the fact that there is no real content available to display other than the language announcement. This is probably part of the "work in progress" as announced on jw.org: https://www.jw.org/en/whats-new/new-publications-revised-websites-apps/ Thanks very much for responding friends, and helping me resolve a little "mystery". 😊
  5. That's reassuring because all I get when I use my JW.org log in is this: must be an issue where I live.
  6. Anybody hknow what this is? I have only just noticed it at the bottom of the page. I thought my jw.org log in would work here but it does not.
  7. Seems like this facility is limited to Amazon.com (US), as the UK site has a greatly restricted charity selection option.
  8. As there are so many different American regional accents, along with ethnic types, I really like the variety as displayed in the JW media. The only area where I feel slightly uncomfortable is when there are modern day dramas. This is because the turn of phrase, vernacular, and general style are, very often, decidedly American. On occasion when there are English accents, they are generally not regional, sometimes sound "mid-Atlantic" and seem to adopt an American stance in an American setting. The American influence seems to homogenise everything English it comes in contact with. As I tend to use these dramas to illustrate real life situations, the Amercanisation of everything actually detracts from the realism as the experience in UK by far of American culture is in a fictional setting. I always have to adapt the material and bring it to "English" life. I have had some negative reaction to the "American-ness" in the ministry. However, I'm only saying this to contribute to the discussion. The content is the priority and minor criticisms about "American influence" are usually easy to overcome.
  9. I downloaded the .apk file for JW Library 1.7.1 from http://jw-library.en.uptodown.com/android/download. Installed without an issue and full functionality is restored to the app. I checked with other devices using Android 4.4 and found that they have JW Library 1.7 installed from an earlier date. So it seems that currently the Playstore is installing only JW Library 1.6 on these older Android devices?? Anyway, problem solved and thanks to all who responded.
  10. That's the problem. This a new download from playstore. I have installed it 3 times now. And since I posted, I have downloaded fresh to a new device and the problem persists. Both use Android ver 4. I daren't try it on a newer version of Android as I do not want to lose the functionality I have on other devices. What I do notice is that the JW Library version downloaded to Android 4 is 1.6, whereas the one showing in Android 6 is ver 1.7. It has to be a problem with the latest Library app version and/or Android version.
  11. In reply to @jwhess, The unit has 16GB memory and it looks like 1GB RAM.
  12. Hi. I have a frustrating problem which I have not been able to get an answer to. I have installed the JW LIbrary app on a friend's tablet, but the app lacks functionality, but worse, cannot access all publications. Has anyone else had/solved this issue? Details are: Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 OS: Android OS version: 4.4.2 Problem: After downloading and installing the app, there is no meeting menu option. Also there is no facility to download latest publications. For example: Watchtowers: Nothing after Public Edition no 4 or Study Edition Feb 2016 Awake: Nothing after no 1 Meeting Workbooks: Nothing after April 2016 Many other publications are missing from the various sections, although videos appear to be unaffected. Can anyone advise please?

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