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    Widowed and not interested in any relationshps
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    I had been praying to whoever made us to be the only one to listen and to give me the truth. One very wet day an elderly JW lady rang my doorbell and I tòok pity on her Nd invited her in if she promised not to talk religion! Shedidnt, but onher way out she offered the Truth book for payment for the coffee. I didnt want the truth tocome via JEHOVAHS WITNESSES!!! I tried to find fault with her answers for weeks but eventually I realised thatthe one I had asked to listen was answering me and his namewas Jehovah. How I appreciate his patience with me.

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    Meetings and ministry of course. I rarely find time but I love paintingznd drawing and watching artist tutorials on U tube. I used to write but dont have time anymore. Also photography. I love being creative but mycreator now takes first place.
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    Bible etc...of course. Historical novels. All sorts....if it takes my fancy buthavent picked a book up for ages.
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    Guess my age dictates my taste. Tut tut..... I'm an old rockn roller andcant keep still if I hear it. Like piano, big bands, soul and became a member of a jazzclub at 14. But I appriciate all music.
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    From my lovely late grandmother: "If you cant say anything nice about anyone then you best say nothing at all." And "Remember, you are no better than anyone else andno one is any better than you."

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  1. HI Luana. Your mention of your knife reminds me of my favourite knife but it isn't kept in a tool box its in my kitchen drawer. When I was newly married I had such trouble peeling potatoes so my mother in law gave me one of her sharp knives that was already many years old. The blade must have been 6 inches long but hey I soon learnt to peel those spuds as fast as she could. That was back in 1961 and I still peel my vegetables with that knife. The blade has snapped a couple of times because it wore so thin and narrow and is now about two and a half inches. I even take it on holiday if I go self catering. It sure looks disgusting but its been a good friend. There are several better looking ones that friends and family have given me over the years but they just stay looking pretty in the drawer.

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