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  1. Thank you for my error, bro Morris spoke at our "Be Strong" Assembly
  2. We just had our "Be Bold!" Assembly in Ma, our "Branch Rep" was Bro Morris from the GB
  3. Looks like there has been a decision on this today, maybe in our favor... "However, the court said uniformly imposed punishment of objectors, despite their willingness to serve the public by other means, infringes upon the freedom of thought, conscience and religion. "A necessary revision to the status quo should follow to protect constitutional rights." http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2018/06/251_251429.html
  4. The Boston Marathon event will last three days (April 15-17) and is among 15 different large-scale events the US Branch will have a significant cart presence at for the 2018 calendar year!
  5. We have been invited to the Special Convention in Sri Lanka Looking forward to it our last one was in 2016 in the Netherlands!

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