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  1. Thank you for your help. I actually found my song books. They were exactly where I told my wife they weren't.
  2. Wondering if anyone could direct me to where I could find a pdf of the old Sing to Jehovah song book. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is there any where to get Witness themed clipart, graphics. I'm not talking stuff from society neccissily but something so I don't have to keeping walking the the pit of the internet.
  4. JayV

    Witness memes

    Actually, I felt more like this:
  5. I listened to an interesting podcast about this song. What ever it originally was about is lost. Cohen had pages of notes that were passed on and cobbled together. It is a very interesting story.
  6. I took the audio version of the brochure My Bible Lessons, took the mp3s and cut the poems at the start of each lesson and put them into their own little poetry album. I loved Brother Lett's reading of them so much.
  7. JayV

    Witness memes

    Regrub would be even less appealing than saying this is a vegan restaurant.
  8. Have you heard or seen Dear Evan Hansen? There is a song in it that this song reminds me of. (I think it is more subject matter than the actual song) The song name is You will be found. And I love the cart song!
  9. Is it still possible to set up a rss news feed and magazine podcast from jw.org? If so what app would you suggest what is the best way to go about it?
  10. My stepfather was the Bookstudy conductor. When we got to the chapter on The New Jerusalem the Revelation book says name of the 12 apostles is on the foundation stones. The Babylon the Great book says Judas name would not be there and neither would Matthias since he was chosen by lots but Paul's since he was chosen by Jesus. I gave this information to my Stepfather, who I think was proud and impressed. At the bookstudy that week we off on one of those 30min tangents that sometimes happen discussing this point and my stepfather exhorting everyone to do deeper study. As soon as he said deeper study I thought "I wonder if this information has been updated?" I went home and checked and sure enough the Insight book says that even though chosen by lots Matthias was considered one of the 12 and it is probably his name on the foundation. So that same night I went back to my stepfather and he was still impressed just less proud. The next bookstudy started with half the book study coming up to my stepfather to tell him of "his" mistake and us starting a 30min revisiting the tangent. So we basically had a complete bookstudy dedicated to the fact that I didn't study properly.

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