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"Peace and Security" at hand?

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Turkey recognizes it is no longer "realistic" to reach a solution to the conflict in Syria without President Bashar al-Assad (photo) a top Turkish official said on Friday.

"We have to be pragmatic, realistic. The facts on the ground have changed dramatically," Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said at a panel on Syria and Iraq at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. "Turkey can no longer insist on a settlement without Assad. It is not realistic."


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As I've said many times I'm not a political person because I don't usually know what they're all taking about. That said I've been listening to the news and articles from non-news sources and hear about what's brought up here- calling for P & S in the Middle East and better relations between US and Russia. It appears to me there is an increasing drive toward that end.

Coupling that with all the sign of Matthew 24 verses 7 through 14. In the WOL there are explanations of each verse. Describing perfectly the times we live in. I have a greater appreciation of what those verses say. Answering:

1-the 'nations' who are they and in what way will it 'rise'- to move against in hostility” and could also be rendered “rise up in arms” or “go to war.” In our little speck of this planet hostility is simmering just below the surface and it takes nothing to spark it off, people going after each other like wild animals.

2-pangs of distress'-  it may suggest that like birth pains the foretold troubles and suffering will increase in frequency, intensity, and duration in the time period before the great tribulation mentioned at Mt 24:21. Trouble and suffering by both humans and animals is far beyond reach for any of us to fix. Relentless.

3- What kind of 'lawlessness' is it talking about? includes the idea of violation of and contempt for laws, people acting as if there were no laws. I cannot count how many times I've seen people defy all laws of humanity.  They want what they want and do NOT care who they step on to get it, even their own families.


The rest of Matthew goes on to describe more but this has been my line of thought lately. In the news, listening to the overall theme instead of any specific item, I'm getting the sense that the rulers of this system are moving forward to what we're waiting for. Jehovah's day is coming in his own time yes, but reservedly speaking, I can feel the forward momentum and am spiritually preparing for what will come soon.


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Forbes Opinion / TrumpsAmerica

Jan 20, 2017 / Ralph Benko, Political Columnist & Commentator

 "How President Trump Could Bring About A Safer Greater World Peace"


This whole article was very interesting, but, I am only going to quote a few pivitol paragraphs.

"We enter a moment that Trump's many detractors may find

  paradoxical, confusing and incredible.  Yet Trump shows many

  credible signs of a commitment to world peace.  He credibly

  expresses ardor to achieve deep reduction in the world's nuclear


  The deciding factor in whether Trump succeeds just might be

  whether the left can tactically put aside its visceral detestation

  of Donald Trump.  Will the left invest its money, time, and street

  energy to create a climate wherein our nuclear weapons can be

  halved, maybe even dropped by another 90%, maybe even

  prohibited and effectively eliminated in the same manner as

  chemical and biological warfare agents?

  Working with, rather than militantly opposing, Trump would be

  better for the left.  Yet this end certainly justifies this means.  It's

  not clear that Trump can do this alone.  There is a story, probably

  apocryphal, attributed to FDR upon his being approached by a

  group of activists.  FDR supposedly replied:  "I agree with you, I

  want to do it, now go out and make me do it."

  Will the American people, especially the left for whom scrapping

  nuclear weapons has been a perennial issue, now step up and make

  Donald Trump do what he wants to do: creating a world with fewer

  ....perhaps no.... nuclear weapons?  A window of opportunity opens.








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