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How Do I Change My Username, Display Name, Email Address, or Password?

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How Can I Change My Email Address or Password?

You can do so yourself in your Account Control Center at the top right side of the page. There is a link therein called Email & Password on the sidebar. Or use the links in this post.

How Can I Change My Display Name?

If you are a Full Access User, you may do that one time yourself via your Profile. If not, an administrator must do that for you. Please send a PM to one of the group moderators about the changes you need to make and one of them with administrator privileges will take care of it for you.

How Can I Change My Real Name?

Your real name field and your first name only field can only be changed by a moderator that has administrative priveges. Please contact one of the board moderators via a private message if you need to change your name (for example, you're a sister and got married, or you need to fix a mispelling).

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How can I change my new password to something more user-friendly for me so that I will remember it?

Up at the top of the page to the right there is a link to your profile, and on the sidebar you will see a link to Change Password. <-- You can also click this link that I put in this posting.

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Obviously I can and do participate here. And the reason I never log off is because I'm the only one using this tablet so i figure what's the point. Yet I noticed that when I try to log on using my phone I'm unable to log on, something about wrong password. Could it be the phone? Or maybe the IP address...whatever that's about?

If I need to make another password, no problem. If y'all need my email address, no problem. Wait. Don't y'all have it? But no problem if you don't. Just ask.

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