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    JWTalk.Net is an online community for real, active, loyal, publishers of God's Kingdom, where you can speak with brothers and sisters from all around the world on a wide variety of topics. Since 2006, our moderator team with the help of community members have worked diligently to keep our pro-JW community enjoyable and uplifting. Most of our forums are publicly visible to guest visitors, so feel free to look around.


  1. Jehovah's Witnesses Discussion Forums

    1. Interchange of Encouragement & Worldwide Brotherhood

      A public forum for items of interest to all of Jehovah's people who visit our site as guests, such as new video content on JW.org, poetry, illustrations, and non-firsthand experiences that you feel compelled to share. (Publicly visible)

    2. Our Meetings, Ministry, and Life as a Christian

      A private forum for registered members only to discuss anything related to our lives as Jehovah's people, including our meetings, the field ministry, personal achievements and experiences. (Members Only)

    3. Deep Bible Research & Personal Bible Study Topics

      A private members only forum for in-depth discussion of the Bible, interpretation, translation, and anything related to your personal study and research. This is a theocratic discussion forum for encouragement and spiritual growth. (Members Only)

    4. Comfort, Consolation, Support & Recovery

      A private forum for discussing personal health issues. Talking about your problems can help you deal with your feelings. You are not alone. Discuss personal spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health issues in here. (Members Only)

    5. Introduce Yourself & Welcome One Another

      A members only forum where you can introduce yourself to the rest of the community, as well as get to know your brothers and sisters from all around the world here on JWTalk Forums. (Members Only)

    6. Considering Our Daily Text

      Discuss together and/or subscribe to receive the days text via email. Old threads are deleted every so often. (Publicly visible)

  2. In the News & Current Events

    1. JW.org Press Releases & Other JW Related News

      A public forum for sharing news about Jehovah's Witnesses from JW.org as well as other media sources who report POSITIVE information that we all love to hear and share with our brothers and sisters. (Publicly visible)

    2. Secular News in the Mainstream Media

      A public forum for discussing secular news from around the world, whether the mainstream media is in the form of articles or videos. Please remember to link to the source. (Publicly visible)

    3. Alternative News, Op-ed, Blogs, & Speculation

      A private forum for topics of discussion centered around journalistic articles and videos produced by bloggers, "alternative" media, "independent" news sites, as well as sensitive subjects. (Members Only)

  3. Hobbies & Other Special Interests

    1. Computers, Tablets, Mobile Devices, & Apps

      A public forum for discussions about modern technology and the internet, including technical support concerning smartphones and computers in general, as well as our official JW apps & software. (Publicly visible)

    2. Books, Movies, TV, YouTube, Music, & Theatre.

      A public forum for discussing Arts & Entertainment in the form of Audio/Visual stimulation! What music is good for your soul? Do you like to read? What could you watch again and again? (Publicly visible)

    3. A Banquet of Well-Oiled Dishes

      “He did good, giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, filling your hearts to the full with food and good cheer.” (Acts 14:17) Food & Drink, Recipes, Dining In and Dining Out. (Publicly visible)

    4. Forum Games, Riddles, Puzzles & Trivia

      “For everything there is an appointed time... a time to laugh... and a time to skip about.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-4). A public forum where we take a break to relax and play forum games. (Publicly visible, but only Full Access Users can participate)

    5. General Discussion & Everyday Chit Chat

      The "everything else" hangout lounge - A public forum for discussing personal interests, ask questions, post jokes & silly stuff, or anything else that doesn't fit have a dedicated forum. This is our off-topic general discussion area here at JWTalk. (Publicly visible)

  4. Community Information & Site Development

    1. Forum Feedback, Member Support, & Announcements

      Important community announcements, discussions of new features, suggestions, ideas, & bug reports, as well as member assistance in getting around JWTalk Forums. (Members Only)

    2. JWTalk Help Guides & Frequently Asked Questions

      Answers to questions about how the forum operates and how to interact with it. (Publicly visible)


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