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Lets kick this forum into play shall we


I always reach for either herbs or Homeopathy before I visit the doctor... my doctor is my last resort, however I do know when it's time for a antibiotic etc.


Winter colds/coughs etc are always treated with herbs... I find that a product called Bronchosan which is in effect a mix of ivy and thyme is my 'go to' for shifting coughs or catarrh.   


Sadly many herbal remedies have been removed from the shelves here and have become illegal to sell... so everyone just buys them in from the UK, mostly its because they work!  another reason of course is because they can have contraindications to prescribed medicines so you do have to be aware and be careful.



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Hi Anniebea

great topic especially these days!
I am a Biomagnetic pair therapist, and am interested in wholesome natural alternatives too. Am thinking about learning more on nutrition / herbalism. Since I discovered how good herbal teas and vitamins are for us, (like actually personally as a family for real). Pine needle tea, dandelion tea, echinacea, cats claw, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, hawthorn, and much more!
Have you learnt anything really good recently!? Or any relevant new tips?

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You might enjoy kicking this around....  I have dabbled many years (50!!) starting with homeopathic remedies for bee/bug irritation/itching/reactions, as a young mom the homeopathic for teething pain but as an aging woman (and a seriously medically damaged person) I have given up on the corrupt system that says "come, come to us" BUT we will only practice management not healing... 


With homeopathy there often is the possibility of healing...  But alas, the Devil is in the details, even with homeopathy there is a type of politics if you get caught up in discussing "the correct way" as opposed to what has worked for others and can work for you.    I jumped into classes for my medical needs And it has made aging "more doable", helped me repair internal systems that were impaired from previous medications, calmed me in emotional crisis and helped even in dramatic ways (now that I have some skill and a support team).   Here are pictures of what can be done with homeopathy...   1st picture found unconscious on a bridge in biking area with a concussion, small brain bleed, 4 broken facial bones/1 sinus fracture/20 plus stitches and the 2nd picture 12 days later.  And he is 72!

home at least.jpg

Dale day 12 .jpg

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On 2/23/2019 at 11:36 AM, Anniebea said:

Sadly many herbal remedies have been removed from the shelves here and have become illegal to sell

The Codex Alimentarius, or “Food Code”, is a collection of international standards, guidelines and codes of practice to protect the health of consumers ...    it sounds good but it protects the "business end" as much as the uneducated consumer.    There is a grey area of those who have access to family, regional remedies and this means you need a network you trust.  For some years as Codex became established you could go to Dr Google to learn, find great research and support but NOW it is pretty tightly in place and even most search engines have succumbed to the business control that has settled on the earth and "finding" reliable info is difficult without help.   

On 2/23/2019 at 11:36 AM, Anniebea said:

a product called Bronchosan which is in effect a mix of ivy and thyme is my 'go to' for shifting coughs or catarrh.   

Just simple stories can be great for learning things...   I learned from a teacher in Canada who works with Native People in his area and he mentioned that they used IVY for colds...   So in 10 yrs you are only the second that I heard who is aware of it in a therapeutic way... but at least this product is available still!   I know a Native sister from the NW United States who is a generation separated from their traditions( tribal groups can have different practices too) and she wasn't aware of Ivy as a remedy. Thyme is a powerful plant/oil... anti-microbial, soothing in small amounts as in vapors and honey mixes. Thx for that source!

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