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Blogs is a feature of JWTalk that allows it's members to create their own individual or group blogs within our community. Blogs can be about a variety of subjects, and you can use these blogs to share your ideas, thoughts and insights on various subjects that interest you, and possibly be of interest to others in the community.


Please Note: Currently, we only allow Full Access members to create a Blog. If you are a Limited Access User and interested in starting a Blog, or you are a Full Access User who would like to move your existing Blog over to JWTalk (which we can do via RSS), please bring this to the attention of the Staff. You may do this by posting in the Site Support forum (public) or if you would prefer to do this privately, use the Confidential Talk forum. 


Most Blogs are displayed to the public, meaning that anybody, including an unregistered guest visiting the site, can read the Blogs. However, you can also set up an Invite-only Blog, where only the members whom you personally grant permission to can find and read the Blog. You can Share your Blog entries throughout the community or on social media with our easy built in share features.


Some other features of JWTalk blogs include:


RSS Exports - RSS feeds allow your members to add your blog feed to their favorite RSS reader.

Cover Photos - Customize your blog categories and blog entries with their own cover photos.

Import Gallery Albums - Associating gallery albums when submitting your blog entry will display images alongside your entry content.

Schedule Publish Times - Need to schedule a blog post to automatically publish on a certain date and time? No problem.

Follow Blogs - Be notified as soon as new content is posted on your favorite blog by following blog categories and entries.

Sorting and Filtering - Interested in viewing your entries by the most comments or most views? That's simple using our filters.


If you would like to create and maintain a Blog on JWTalk, please contact the Staff and we will help set you up and get you started.



Recommended Comments

On 8/3/2022 at 5:44 AM, New World Explorer said:

Maybe I will start  blog about Victoria (the state where I live) 


Go for it.


On 8/3/2022 at 7:49 AM, New World Explorer said:

There will be no video allowance, right?

It uses the same Editor as the forum posts, so you can embed a YouTube video of your own, or you can upload and attach a video of your own. 


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11 hours ago, New World Explorer said:

Thanks Robert, 


Is it possible to have bigger variety for fonts? 

I'll look into it. There's a few built into the Editor. I imagine it would be possible to add more.


We have HTML disabled for most users since it's easy to mess up an entire page or thread with bad code, lol.

2 hours ago, New World Explorer said:

I have messed up. 

Robert help....:wave: please ...

Cactus country became part of Great Ocean Road

How do I separate entries by destinations? (but still have one blog?) 


Thank you :)


It looks like to started, and then added more videos and text as comments on your own blog post by accident. I will PM you.

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23 minutes ago, Brother_Bliss said:

It looks like to started, and then added more videos and text as comments on your own blog post by accident.

No, it wasn't accident. I thought the blog works like that. :facepalmpo2:

I wanted to have those videos under Great Ocean Road. 

I am not sure how the blog supposed to work. 

Hmmm....I am bad with software...


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