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What is a Blog?



Blog, Blogger, and Blogging - just what do these words mean? What exactly is a blog? How does it work? Should I start one? Should I start one on JWTalk? We will try to help answer these questions in this blog article.


So what is a blog, exactly?


A blog is a type of website. This is a blog - what you are reading right now. It's basically written content in the form of journal entries where your thoughts are maintained on the web. Your blog articles would generally be instructional or informational to your readers. The blog itself is a collection of article entries. These blog articles are arranged in reverse chronological order, that is, with the most recent entries on top. As you keep postings more and more articles, the older entries will get bumped down the page and eventually pushed back into subsequent pages. This way, the newest, freshest content is always at the top and displayed first. You can allow readers who enjoy your articles to add their own comments/feedback on any of your blog entries. At JWTalk, only registered members can leave feedback on your articles.


Please note that blogs are not to be confused with the forums. When you start a topic for discussion in the forum, you are doing so because you desire to have a conversation about that subject. Members will post back and forth with each others, oftentimes making several replies. The discussion can grow and go on for pages and pages.


A blog entry is not like that. When you publish a blog article, it's because you are wanting to share something instructional or informative with others. Think of a journal entry or newspaper article. You are not looking to have a conversation. You simply want to present information. However, your readers can leave comments or feedback at the bottom of the page below your article entry. 


Personal blogs are quite like an online diary that people can share with the world. Members may use blogs to promote their art or creative writing or share information about a particular subject, hobby, niche, or topic that you are passionate about. You could also want to create a blog to share your unique life experiences and stories with others who may want to read about them. Maybe you just want to inspire others.





So let's sum up the difference between a blog, a website, and a forum.


A website is usually a collection of static landing pages. These pages, once created, and not updated or revised very often at all. 


A blog is a type of website where the main focus is on prominently showcasing regularly published blog articles/entries by displaying them on the front page of the blog in reverse chronological order. You add new articles on a regular basis.


A forum is a place where members can interact with each other over a subject/topic for discussion. Members reply to one another sharing their thoughts with each other. These conversations can grow and become several pages long, and they are archived and available for search and reference.



Recommended Comments

  1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  1. add new material to or regularly update a blog.
    "it's about a week since I last blogged"
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