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2022 Governing Body Update #1

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6 minutes ago, halfspanishlee said:

Wow its getting very serious wow😯the governing body are on the ball

Basically they been on the ball  from the beginning. We should thank Jehovah on this. Yes, the world been off the ball because of greed and politics and we can see this.

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The context of the video is from Luke 19 and Matthew 24 and Mark.

Pandemic, reports of wars, diseases, deaths, false prophets.

I liked the example of the brothers in standing firm.
I also needed to delete a time-consuming program.

The importance of keeping an eye on Jehovah's day I found it refreshing to remember this, it shows how close we are to greater events...

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One cool thing I saw was the experience of the brother who said he had not been vaccinated.

Also the statistics of the brothers in knowing how many of our brothers are dying of the disease.

Not that this is a pleasure, it's not good to count deaths. But we see in this the concern of our Slave brothers to show the reality, discreetly, honestly and giving the incentive for the brothers to protect themselves.

Have you ever seen a priest talk about the number of deaths of Catholics? Or in an evangelical pastor (leader) talking about how many faithful from his ranks died of Covid?
At least I didn't.

It is kind of the Slave's concern for our brothers. In the congregations, the elder brothers report on any case of covid in the congregation. And we give out announcements about the surveillance we need.

Just yesterday I suggested to re-advise the brothers in the final announcements about if any brothers have symptoms or are with covid that they can look for the elder brothers so that they can have stricter more loving help in the disease.

So Jehovah's people are increasingly showing that they are the loving people of their God, Jehovah.

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I made a comment yesterday during the mid-week meeting on the Coordinators' Committee Report video that the organization always makes sure each of us individually is okay, and it's not a one-time only thing.  They consistently show their love by checking up on us.  This video is a perfect reminder of that. 


Almost forgot:  I love how he said "Even 1 death is too many".  I need to do well to remember that when it comes to my view of covid and precautions needed.  It's not about me.  It's about my "them".

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16 minutes ago, bigvince said:

There’s so much in this one, I kept wondering who the king of the south is. I don’t recall reading or hearing a definitive answer on that.

Get ready for a flood of information...:lol1:


You can start your personal research here. Kings of North and South https://www.jw.org/finder?wtlocale=E&docid=1200273282&srctype=wol&srcid=share&par=53

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15 minutes ago, bigvince said:

There’s so much in this one, I kept wondering who the king of the south is. I don’t recall reading or hearing a definitive answer on that.

The Anglo-American world power(UK&US)  That was established in the Daniel book and it hasn't changed.

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3 minutes ago, bohemian said:

I was moved to reach out to the elder who was our chairman last night at the midweek meeting.  It was the second time in recent weeks that it has fallen to him to announce a disfellowshiping; the first a young man who was a close friend of this elder, and last night one of the elders!
Such difficult assignments in a short space of time.

Definitely a part of the last days. All of us have to be diligent and work hard to stay close to Jehovah.

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