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Demonic Influence Is Driving Human Rulers Insane!

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What fulfillment of prophecy!  God's Word IS TRUTH.  Wonderful Convention, all that have gone and are to go, and who will recieve CD's or DVD's later to hear it and or view it.  Its right on the button!      The majority of the people are blinded to all what's happening and will happen to them all.  The slanders world is falling apart, the hooks are in his jaws and he will be pulled into his abyssing.    Lin, thank you for these timely articles.   This really gives me the will to get out in the ministry and talk to people. 

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I agree with lisa it is all ready to come tumbling down, I am just amazed this system is still standing under its own weight

I'm not sure that it's standing on it's own really, I think father is holding it up for his timeline and that's about all that's holding it up.

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When I read the title of this thread and saw a link to a "former assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary", I assumed that this person said - the demons are "Driving Human Rulers Insane". As it turns out it is just an individual who is disgruntled with the way President Obama is handling his Precedency.


This shouldn't come as a surprise that an individual who is a Republican would think that the opposition person in power (a Democrat) is insane. This individual provided no "proof" of "insanity" - merely a long list of "I think", "I believe" and "I assume"(s) to his non-cogent reasoning.


Remember this about “propaganda” - both sides use it to their own advantage. This individual is merely spreading his own propaganda based on his prejudiced opinions.


Is it true that the demons are controlling things? Yes – see the book of Daniel and Rev 12:9. But this is true of ALL sides in ALL human governments – not just President Obama  :lol1:


Lastly, there is no need to fill our “News” section up with items that are NOT news, but merely propaganda.

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What I found interesting about Dr. Roberts were his comments about the Bush administration.  The link in this thread is fairly recent, but I started reading and watching his interviews after 9/11.  I've found that his views have changed from supporting one party over another and he now speaks to how things are done in general in government.  He also adds a lot of historical content from his time in the Reagan administration, but also from administrations pre WWI from both political parties.


That's what's interesting.  Many, not just Dr. Roberts, speak about how things have changed since their tenures in government, business and economics.  Looking at these comments and then the Daniel book and all the intrigue especially after the death of Alexander the Great is pretty fascinating.  Jehovah is truly the God of prophecy and we're so privileged to be living at this time of fulfillment.


Exciting times ahead for sure.

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