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Pacl you bags it's time to go. ..

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Well,I have my bag packed.It has a mini bible,paper and pencils,hand sanitizer,soap,deoderant,shampoo and other personal items.Deck of cards.Emergency kit.Sweat pants and shirt. Jacket.Several pairs of socks.Flip-flops.Bug lotion.A washcloth....and other things.That's the bag I grab to go.I have a storage box in basement with stuff.I used to keep one in my car trunk but after several years took it out.I think I need to review things.

I figure it'll run out quick if it's the GT. I'm sure I'll share or maybe we'll put our stuff altogether if we are in a group( I hope we are.).I want to contribute.

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Oh...and jugs of bleach(Do don't get lemon or flowery smelling bleach just plain).I try to keep several on hand for clarifying drinking water.

How to purify water with Bleach

According to the American Red Cross,

Use regular liquid bleach (any brand). The only active ingredient should be sodium hypochlorite (concentration 5.25 – 6 percent). If you also see sodium hydroxide on the ingredient list, it is apparently OK and safe. Do not use bleach that contain soaps, perfumes, or dyes. Be sure to read the label. The “Regular” household bleach is usually fine for this.

Add about 8 drops (one-eighth US teaspoon) of regular liquid bleach per one gallon of water. Use 4 drops if using a 2-liter bottle.

Mix thoroughly and let stand for 30 minutes.

Then, smell the water. If the water has a faint smell of chlorine, then it is OK to use. If you cannot detect any chlorine odor, add another 8 drops of regular liquid bleach (4 drops for 2-liter bottle). Let stand, and smell it again. If you still cannot smell chlorine, discard it and find another water source.

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Good reminder. Got to reassess the thing. And the only reason I am is because Jehovah's organization has encouraged it to a certain extent. And I have thought of it as a bit of protection in a natural disaster. The GT, that is a new thought. I have always thought when that starts, it will not be the quality of my grab n go bag, but other things that will come to the fore. Nevertheless, thanks for the reminder.

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