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Judge Allows Detroit Bankruptcy to Go Forward

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In his ruling, Judge Rhodes found that Detroit was insolvent and that the pension checks of retirees could be cut during a bankruptcy proceeding.
The decision was an essential step in municipal bankruptcy proceedings, which are extremely rare. Lawyers for the city’s public sector unions and retirees, who contend that Detroit’s request for bankruptcy protection earlier this year came before city officials truly tried to negotiate deals with city workers and creditors, have said they intend to appeal.


It isn't over yet, but - WOW imagine if you are a retired City worker and counting on that monthly check   :eek:


What a world. We need that New one soon!!!   :pray:


May we be good children to our heavenly father Jehovah. AND may He watch over all of us and like a good Father make sure we have our necessities taken care of (Matt 6)

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<GASP> since when did I become an unregistered visitor...I might be from another planet but unregistered the cruelty abounds...Hey and since when can guests leave comments??


The "Guest" thing is new, but the moderators have to approve them before they appear.  :lol1:


You must have posted that - BEFORE logging in.

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I would add that it is becoming more evident there are no guarentee's, not for retirement, not for health insurance, not for civil liberties. I expect it will get soon get much worse. And this before the tribulation. I keep reminding my wife, a tribulation greater than what has ever been seen. It upsets me that so many will be blind sided because they did not listen. Such sad prospects for so many. Some times I just want to grab and shake. And here again it makes me think how the difference in the broters across the earth are prepared to deal with it. You think about those in Asia, or Africa the Middle East who have been subjected to a harsher satanic system as opposed to us wimps in the U.S.  Are they better prepared because of their physical conditions? Or are we better prepared (in  theory) due to our political priveliges to open worship? I guess it is a mute point, since we all have to rely on Jehovah to supply what we need. Just throwin it out there :) What do ya'll think?


Again my friends it reminds us how wonderful and thankful we should actand be towards our wonderful father.

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