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Finding Strenght Out of Weakness (WT March 2014/JW.Org)

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Finding Strength Out of Weakness
As told by Maite Morlans

Seeing my fragile 65-pound (29 kg) body seated in a wheelchair, no one would think that I am strong. But as my body loses its power, inner strength keeps me going. Let me explain how strength and weakness have shaped my life.

READ MORE: http://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/wp20140301/finding-strength-life-story/


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Yes I was very moved by this account.  I will make it a point to pray more for all our handicapped brothers and sisters.  It was very encouraging and made me think of something that the CO said during his last visit.  He pointed out that our physical exterior bodies can only be improved so far, you can't make yourself taller or prettier than you are. But Inside, our inner person can continue to be improved, we can be beautiful and continue to get better... there's no limits to "self" improvement from the Inside.


Our dear sister may have a body that is limited but she has a mighty spirit and is beautiful and strong Inside.  One day the outside will match the in.  Then we'll all run further and jump higher and enjoy full health whoever we are.


All praise to our wonderful and generous God JEHOVAH!!

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