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Improving habits on movie selection

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I have gotten into the habit over the last number of years of picking movies based on my perceived quality, content, and interest in the subject a particular movie portrays. From my viewpoint, if a movie looked interesting to me, I couldn't care less what the movie was rated. Now that I've recently reinvigorated my spiritual journey with meetings, study, and witnessing, I've found, quite unconsciously, that I've picked less and less R rated movies, to the point where I don't rent them anymore in a deliberate manner. This is especially a good thing since my wife is not a part of our organization. Hopefully, as I keep moving in the right direction as a good example, it will spiritually rub off on her.

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I'm in a similar situation to yours Kevin, and it irks my husband that I will not watch things that I used to watch.  Finding a common ground can be easier though if you both enjoy nature films, and shows like engineering an empire.  How it works, big things etc.  


While I don't have cable (it's an expense that I can't justify paying $100/month for watching 2-3 shows in a month) you can find some free videos on youtube under their movie selection.  They also have a lot of old movies there as well.  


Explaining to your lovely wife why the change might be helpful, and your reasoning for choosing less violence, not only because you wish to be seen as clean in Jehovah's eyes, but also because a lot of the movies portray physical, emotional and sexual violence to women.  


Sometimes without the explanation, many spouses will think we've gone off the deep end, or that we're secretly not wanting to spend time with them and we're using our religion as an excuse, but if you can explain both the principle and the benefit to them, they often view it much differently.


Then there's also the consideration of real vs. fictional violence and how the brain can't actually differentiate between the two.  Many researchers say that there is nothing to show this link, but other research I have seen says that there is and as a parent, I've seen my children act out video game violence, after a series of 'experiments' using my kids as guinea pigs LOL.  

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