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Using Adobe Reader to study pdf files.

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I was asked privately to explain how to use Adobe Reader to study the WT or CBS in pdf form, as it is my app of choice for this purpose, so I hope to make this into a step-by-step guide.

First of all I open the pdf in Adobe and tap once in the centre of the screen to bring up the editing tools icon and scroll bar. There are other tools also at the top of the page - you can choose vertical scrolling or page view etc.


Selecting the editing tools icon brings up a range of tools at the page bottom as follows:


I hope the notes I made there help explain these tools.

To be continued.....

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Of course, just using your finger you can select text and bring up options ofr highlighting etc, and the tapping the co.oured highlight brings up options to clear it, change colour or the opacity. See below.



Touching the "note" icon and then the place where you want the note to appear will bring up a text box where you can type a note and save it. I use this for saving a comment I may wish to make at the meeting.



Underline and strikeout are pretty self-explanatory, just highlight the text you wish to underline or striketheough.

Next the margin text.......

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Touch the icon for margin text, and then the place where you want the text to appear, brings up a text entry box which when saved adds text. Touch the text to being up further options:



I use this to add a word, or sometimes the 'a' or 'b' for the answers to the questions on that paragraph.

Next the 'draw' icon.......

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The draw icon allows you to draw lines etc on the page. Selecting it later gives the options to delete, change the thickness, colour or opacity. If the different lines you draw are saved separately, then the options will appear for each part you drew. I did these all at the same time, so the options will apply to all of them.



The final icon is 'sign', which is unnecessary for this guide. Adobe allows you to save a signature, which you can then use for signing documents right on your iPad.

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Finally, of course you do not have the pop-up option for scriptures, but to my mind this is an advantage in that it makes me look the scriptures up! I can then copy the scripture and paste into a comment box and save it on the scripture reference. Having the scriptures pop up in a box might just make me too lazy to use my Bible - even if it is electronic!

Hope this helps those wanting to try Adobe for studying their Watchtower or Congregation Bible Study - or any pdf file in fact.

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