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I don't like flying much.

Much prefer the sea & so In 2 weeks we go to Tasmania. also the kids school holidays here downunder. Yeeeha!!!!!


Spirit of Tasmania Virtual Tour of The Ship.htm

This is a virtual or 3D version of the massive boat.





We did this 5 yrs ago I was 4 months preg. & it was the best. & so relaxing.  I flew to Perth when 7mths preg. will not ever do that again. Flying that is. well maybe one day.

The best thing about this  boat is that we can take our 4Wd on board.

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WE sleep onboard as well. It takes most of the day to get accross.

So we board at 6pm and they have sleeping quarters. But its so amazing to go accross the sea.

I love going & standing outside getting the breeze in my hair. lols/


we took this trip 5 yrs ago, I was 4 mths preg with my son. So very relaxing.

I love waking up a little early & seeing the sun rising up over the ocean as we head towards land.  & the same when heading back to Victoria. last time I got to see the hot airballoons floating all over the harbor of Melbourne. was awesome.


Has anyone heard of the roaring 40's ..?


A french lady. has been solo sailing a few times & needed rescuing.. this is where she got in trouble.


Located on the west side of Tassie is a place called Strahan. Is an amazing & beautiful place.

we took a cruise around the waterways & the captain took us out past the heads. & he says see out here. Its just open water now.

Nothing between here & Antartica. & when the surfs is up the surfies love this particular location & when the weather hits the roaring 40's come up/ rough as guts. 

yep its true on the news they show it.


then he says find a seat we are about to head in. I didn't have time. to sit. I grabbed a poll & held on. Was holding my 4yr old daughter & a bit of a belly.

it was a weird sensation but cool at the same time.


I am always amazed at how so many places have the most amazing scenery & yet have had schocking history.

A lot of the Convicts were jailed & tortured in this area as well as other parts of Tassie.


My Grandfather Traced his family back to the Sirus in 1788 & his Great plus plus Grandfather Owen Cavounagh was an Abel seaman/navel person. Its recorded as him the first to step foot out of the boat. onto the land & he helped Sir Govenor Philip out of the boat.

Recently I found out that the Cavounaghs go back to France & were part of the Heugonauts. Religion. & were also persecuted.

 Owen Cavounagh Married a lady who was a Convict. She spared that life once she married Owen..

I will post more pictures later.

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