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As I reflect on my life and look at my past

I often think about  how many times Jehovah

wished I would learn at last


For now as a parent myself, I understand

How sad I made him, rejecting his loving hand


Yet even as I, as a parent will forgive

So did Jehovah that I may may live


When overwhelmed by grief and shame

I remember why Jehovah

kindly gave me his name


He sees what I may not

And reaches down insuring me

that he has not forgot


The love I have deep in my heart

For such, his mercy he does impart


Leading me gently back to his fold

Trusting me still, his name to uphold


Teaching me how to show others the same

Granting forgiveness, relieving their pain


Just as I was hurt and ashamed in need of relief

So now it is my turn to ease their grief


Jehovah grants us mercy so we may continue to grow

Ever stronger in our faith and the love we show


So let us give to others what they desperately need

When they hurt us and frustrate us in word or deed


For then we really do demonstrate

How greatly Jehovah's mercy we appreciate


If there is someone that has hurt you

The kindest gift you will ever give

Is making it easy for them to live


After all, we want for them life

So quickly be ready to end the strife


It truly is the greatest gift

Then we our own eyes can lift


As we honor the Father that gave us his name

Not begrudgingly or placing  blame


Being eager to show that we have truly learned

Obedience ourselves when mercy we discern


Will carry our brother and lift his heart

If we, our forgiveness will impart



by Tirshatha 10/14/2010

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Hey sister, just a suggestion... Wouldn't it be better to create a single thread were you can put your beautiful poetry?

Btw, you're a gifted writer ;)

Enviado do meu HTC One X através de Tapatalk

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