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Crops damaged by this last winters cold.

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There are reports that the sever cold we had here in Canada damaged the crops. THe most notable is the winter wheat. 20% of the crops have been lost in the prairies. Here is the news article.




Also damaged is the softer fruit trees. Such as peaches plumbs apricots and nectarines. The niagara area in Ontario has huge fruit orchards that produce a lot of those fruits. We rarely see those types from the States.




Of course the one I am most worried about and this is heart breaking. 




Its easy to see why the bible says to not harm the olive oil and the wine. Food prices have jumped here in Ontario at least 10% just from this news. Plus the price of fuel. 

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I was out last week seeking veggies, several that I couldn't find Zucchini!  When I did find them they were selling for $1.99 a pound!   A few months back they were going for $.99 cents a pound.  Am waiting for the local farmers to grow their own, I guess they'll price them at $1.25 each!   Everything in the food stores, including WalMart's has shot through the roof.   The only place I can find a decent veggie (except the zucchini) was Aldi's.  They had potatoe's 5 lb bag for $2.89.  Apples 2 lb bag for $1.59.  I think there were 4 apples in the bag!   I can see more prices jumping and people starving.   Certainly the pangs of distress or better yet - Hunger!

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I thought I commented on this topic on another thread but can't find it so will jump in with my two cents ......YES the prices are just Sky rocketing here , we get a lot of produce from California all I can say is $100 does not go far now in the past month I have seen some produce double in price. I bought 9 apples last week it was $9.00 I almost fainted at the the check out!!

Droughts in California , weather ruining crops all adds up to higher prices and shortages.

The floods in Serbia recently was all farm land so the majority of their crops have been destroyed ......you can see prophecy unfolding before your eyes " a days wage for a loaf of bread". Exciting and scary at the same time.

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FOOUND It. .......was in the coffee coffee coffee thread ........

Price of coffee supposed to Sky rocket due to some virus ( not exactly sure) is hitting coffee plantations and is greatly going to effect not only price but those working in the coffee industry.

So stock up you coffee lovers

The droughts in California are greatly effecting prices of our produce up here in Canada for instance asparagus jumped over $2.00 a # in the last two wheels ! That's just one example .

It's all falling apart .........but of course this is not surprising as Jehovah always encourages us to " keep on the watch" .

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