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The Earth (not Earth day)

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Just wanted to share something with you guys that a sister shared this week that I never considered.

Of course I have no idea what it's like physically where you guys live, but here in NYC they're building and building. Well, yes it is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. But here's the thing:

They're building homes. Okkkkkk. But they're building these ridiculously skyscraper homes. And this is what the sister shared in harmony with that: She feels sorry for the birds. Why? Because they're flying into these sky homes!! She basically pointed out that the birds are supposed to be able to fly high, and she's right, yet they're now having difficulty because of the "pie in the sky." (something like that. sorry, lol, I couldn't resist alluding to part of an old sitcom's theme song of "The Jeffersons").

Man has indeed spoiled the environment, not only for we humans but for the animal creation too. Right now, in NYC, there's a coyote running around. It's said he's probably "spooked" by we humans and they're probably right. They're trying to catch him and I just hope that when they do, that they don't hurt him.

It isn't Jehovah's purpose to have every square inch of the earth filled with homes for we humans, for he made animals and they need to be able to roam free. This means that we must treat them fairly. Having them in subjection, I think, indicates loving dominion over them and not wiping out their habitat by selfishly building and building thus reducing their environment. I heard and read the poor polar bears, etc aren't dwelling properly because there isn't enough ice due to global warming dued to man's selfishness.

Well, when we read Rev.11:18, in part that Jehovah will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth" it brings comfort doesn't it? Yes!

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Well, on this topic of animals, I thought to add this piece of tidbit and get you guys opinion, though I know the final decision rests heavily on my shoulders ( groaning. No, only kidding, lol).

Anyway, I love cats...all kinds. Seriously...lions, pumas, tigers, panthers, etc, and of course the average everyday domestics. I have a picture of one on my living room wall, a lion, and I named him...King.

And I want one. A domestic one of course. But I'm so afraid to adopt one. Why? Because I'm not well and am afraid what if something happens and I'm carted off to the hospital again and have to leave my baby by herself. Sure there are animal day care centers or boarding places but the thought of the costs are nerve racking. Then again I'm hardly home, and once I am home I'm absolutely dead tired thus hardly any energy to play with my baby. I know they're independent creatures but still. What I plan to do if I decide to do this is purchase what she'll need beforehand such as what cats need other than food such as toys, scratching post, litter box, etc.

So, what do you guys think?

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If you don't have time for a pet, then don't get one. Neither one of you would be happy.

That said, a cat can be a joy just to sit on your lap, or beside you in a recliner.


My wife saw this on one of her shows.


"Dogs look up to you. :wub:


Cats look down on you. (td)


Pigs view you as equal." :wave::eek:

Consciousness, that annoying time between naps! :sleeping:

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