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Is there a brother or sister here from malta?

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Yess we been to the meeting yesterday in Gozo (Victoria)and à sister there told me the brothers and sisters from gozo and Malta have something special in mind, and also all the children.

Also interessting, there was à brother from Brittain england hè had à speach and pictures of the building progress in Malta, their building à RTO just as we saw in broadcasting, its so touching to see that everywhere you go Jehovah's people are united as 1 nation.

Brings joy in my heart!

Monday, me and my wife are going to help at the construction site where They are building the RTO.

The best thing to do when you are in holiday, is keep working for Jehovah!!

Greets, Your brother from Holland.... In Gozo (marselforn)

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPad met Tapatalk

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I love Malta. Haven't been to a Kingdom Hall there in a few years now though. I  went for the last time as a family before I married, with my mother and father, my sister and Grandma and Auntie - self-catering in Ta'xien. The nearest Kingdom Hall was then only the 2nd after Gozo - at Santa Venera. it was a hot day and the main door was open to let air through. A little dog got in (Maltese Dogs are like chihuahua's) and ran along under the chairs. We couldn't see him, but we knew where he went as people were jolted by a tickle on the legs as he passed beneath them, which ran like a Mexican wave along the rows!


On returning to my hometown the Maltese brothers sent their love and it was announced - "The brother's of Malta send their love from Santa Venera congregation - Santa Venera, the patron saint of venereal diseases - so of concern to the many Catholic sailors over the centuries!!"


Malta has such a fascinating history. It was a Phoenician/Canaanite port, so they still speak some of the Aramaic that the Phoenicians brought there. Then it was Greek, then it was Roman when Paul landed there.


During the centuries of it being a stronghold for the Catholic Knights of Malta, they held sway over the Mediterranean as the Pope's Pirates against the Muslims and holding the Pope's greatest slave markets on Malta when they sold the humans off the ships they had captured. They could get a bit greedy and would at one point tackle any ship they thought they could overcome - even 'Christian' ships. They earned big money for the Vatican and themselves on stolen cargoes and ransoming high class travellers and captains on captured vessels.  Malta has some fancy palaces that were actually built for knight's mistresses - so much for their lives as warrior monks with vows of chastity and poverty! The ships they wouldn't tackle/capture were those of countries with strong Navies, so they wouldn't attack British ships back then as UK had a strong navy in the past.


Malta suffered terrible bombing in the Second World War as the British had a big Naval base on the Island. People living there lived in the underground catacombs for safety then and many starved as the supplies were blockaded. The sea-fairing swash-buckler movie 'Cut-throat Island' was filmed there - starring Gina Davies. 

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