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What are your Favorite Non-WT, Non-Fiction Books

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I ask this question just for those of us who like to discover new materials for research. I understand that many people don't have time to read any thing other than our materials. I happen to keep up with everything we print and publish on the website just fine. Its much less material than what we used to print every month, and I kept up with that as well.


What are some of your favorite research materials?  These materials could have been quoted in the WT. If they were quoted please state that they were quoted and tell us why you liked the publication. It could be video or audiobook as well.


For example, I really like Christine King's the Nazi State and the New Religions. It is a fantastic book and very faith strengthening. King compares JWs with all the other supposed "true" religions! JWs come out on top. There is a chapter devoted to each religious group. There are two on JWs because the conclusion really shows how JWs came out on top of all the other religions! Its a great read if you like history.  Unfortunately, this book is now extremely expensive to buy.

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If you are only asking for materials that are used for extracurricular research aiding in understanding our pursuit of pure worship and the history of religion then my answer is NONE.  I only use our publications. Once I learned the Truth and realized I did not need any other source found it was like finding a rotisserie chicken at the deli..I could still raise chickens, ring their necks, pluck the feathers, butcher them, clean them and run a rod through them and roast them----but why?  When I can buy a beautiful roasted checked for $4.99 at Sam's and they do a much better job than I would.  The tidbits I get from the sources quoted through our literature is all I can comprehend.  After my brain tumor/chemo treatment a few years back it is all I can do to keep up/understand that.


I use to love reading John Grisham, David Baldacci, Stuart Woods, legal, detective thrillers but it takes alot out of me now to even do this.  I have to read and reread many paragraphs to keep up with the plot.  But I Love the idea of being able to read with clarity and understanding in Paradise--laying in a hammock under a shade tree ;)

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