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Samsung Note Software update.

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Hi ya Friends.

A couple of months back I updated the software free update pack.

This meant I couldnt use my home wifi connection. My phone was ok using the mobile data. But my phone provider said many others had been affected by the software. I got my Note replaced.

I keep getting update software notifications. But am affraid to do the update

Did anyone else have the same issues?

Is it ok now?


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Interesting you should ask this. I believe I have the upgrade. Initially, I did have problems with the swithing between home & cell internet. The phone company gave me credit for the overages. I am currently keeping a close watch on it as sometimes it will connect to the wrong network. Before doing a YouTube or download I make sure of my connection. Well, usually, ugh!

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Did the software complete wipe your phone or just update?


If it was a complete wipe, then you would likely have to set up the WiFi again.  That's easy to check.  


When you go into Settings/WIFI - what does it say there?  Also, which Note do you have?

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Are you sure you haven't accidently turned off the WiFi?  I've done that a few times with my Note phone.


I had the Note 2 and now have the Note 5.


Hi Sis,


I attempted to IM you - but not sure it went through! 

I currently have the Note 2 - and recently sent for the Note 5 - received it, but not sure if

I want to keep it!  Have you had any issues with the phone?


I went on the android board and many seem to not card for it due - no battery, card -etc.

Please share what you like about it!


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For some reason, I can't answer your IM, so to answer your questions...

I really like my Note 5. I also had a Note 2 which was on its last legs as well. I like the Note 5 better honestly.


1. You get a fast charger cord, so you rapidly recharge your phone. I read somewhere it's at least 35% faster.

2. You can take quick notes even when the screen is off.

3. It's still like an enhanced version of the Note 2.

4. You can easily transfer your fave apps from one to the other.

I would suggest looking at a few Tips and Tricks videos on YouTube. I will try to find the ones I watched.

Personally, I've had an iPhone and two Androids. I think the battery issues have been over hyped in the media. I found that I charge my phone up approximately the same about with an exchangeable battery as with a "closed" battery.

Also, I got the 64GB memory because by my second year with the Note 2 I had maxed out my memory. Honestly, I disliked having an SD card because a number of apps wouldn't work properly once moved to the SD card. I kept running out of operating memory. Now, I have to say, I don't store music, pictures or movies on my cell phone, so my memory needs were mainly operational only. The only advantage IMHO of an SD card was if you stored tons of pictures, music or movies you could cheaply purchase extra space necessary for storage. If you do, that seemed to be the main issue with a locked amount of memory verse a card.

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