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More pain for Nepal

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They haven't recovered from the earthquake earlier this year.  Now a dispute at the border between Nepal and India is blocking 70% of fuel and supplies getting into the country.  This means that people are suffering with a lack of fuel for heating and cooking, and are turning to cutting down forests.  Truck drivers stuck at the border have reported that they have had to sell personal possessions such as their phones and spare tyres in order to buy food - their families are literally starving to death.


The lines at petrol stations are kilometres long, and people are foregoing work to queue up for several days. Even then, they are only allowed 10 litres per car and five for a motorbike.  Shortages of supplies such as medicine are starting to impact, hampering efforts to rebuild after the earthquake, just ahead of the winter.


This blockade is a political one, the instigators "acknowledged the blockade was destructive, but vowed to persist until the Madhesis' concerns were addressed..."We will not stop till the government meet our demands."".


The vision shown on the tv news was heartbreaking.  More people suffering all because of demands that must be met.  What more do people need to see to admit that humans have this all wrong.  No solution is possible by humans, and only Jehovah can solve our problems.





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Leave it to someone else to make a terrible tragedy even worse! As usual, mostly innocents suffer and pay the price.  Satan might be grinning from ear to ear right now over what he's accomplishing over there now but he forgets that these things mean the Kingdom's arrival to earth is imminent!

Don't live for the moment - live for the future! :D

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How heartless can governments be???


"The quake aftermath generated a rush of political activity in Nepal, with the country passing a new constitution in September that required the government to be dissolved and a replacement formed.


That has come at a cost for quake victims awaiting assistance, as the new administration is yet to re-establish a reconstruction taskforce with the authority to distribute money promised to help pay for new homes.


More than $4 billion was donated in the aftermath...


Those guidelines were to have been drafted by now, but bickering amongst Nepal's politicians over who would head the authority has been blamed for the delay."




Meanwhile, the people are living in flimsy tents and it will soon be snowing.  How can the governments not see this? Don't you just want to bash their heads together like a pair of coconuts??  Again, knowing Jehovah will soon end this is preventing me from some unseemly behaviour.

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