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Evil Losers, Not Cowards, Those of Senseless Violence, or Those Seeking to Change Society

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In the aftermath of Manchester, if words can be called refreshing, surely "evil losers' fits the bill. As Trump says, you don't call them monsters; they will like that designation. These are not people who look at themselves in the mirror and gasp: "what have I become?"

Nor do you call them 'cowards.' To give your life in support of a cause, any cause, is the very opposite of cowardly.

Nor do you carry on about ‘senseless violence.’ If your goal is to kill people, it makes perfect sense.

Nor do you carry on ineffectually about how "we will not change our way of life because that is what they terrorists want." I suspect they do not want that at all; what they want is for people to continually prance around openly like bowling pins, easy to knock down. Surely if you say such inane things about not changing your way of life, you should acknowledge that it is at the cost of funding 100 cops in riot gear, whereas one with a baton used to suffice.

In their quest to undermine the President, I half expect journalists to turn critical of his label, describing it as 'judgmental', 'knee-jerk,' or juvenile. There's only so much you can do with rhetoric. But I'll take it over what we've had to hear in the past any day.

I like "evil losers" also because it doesn't pretend to have a handle on the problem, as some other responses have. Platitudes about not succeeding in the fight to change a way of life implies that terrorists are merely a nuisance, like mosquitos.

Of course, what can never be addressed is how easy it is today to transform people into evil losers. And how, if you succeed in taking one out, there are ten in the wings waiting to take his place. Or when mighty nations are bombing the snot out of weaker ones, how easy it is to turn on the citizens of that nation, thinking them not so innocent after all, since they vote into office the ones who order the bombing.

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Tom did you write this or was it a partial quote from some source?

I just heard the report about the bombing this morning on my Sirius in the truck . I've taken a sabbatical from commercialized television, going over to Neotube and Roku exclusively. I'm sick of misinformation and misleading and inflammatory rhetoric. The news is like a soap opera and don't get me started about the commercials:angry:

But today the blurb about England was good, well informative anyway. And I did appreciate how POTUS expressed himself. He is, if nothing else, diligent about not giving an inch to these barbarians who bomb innocent people then 'claim responsibility', effectively an intimidation tactic. Pishaw, call them what they are, don't water it down.  

By the time we get to Armageddon we'll be so war wounded it won't matter what we have to go through to make it, we'd do just about anything. I have my bandaids and neosporin, lets do this!

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