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ONLY because I love all you guys...

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I will share my version of Bacon Bourbon Jam with you. I feel it is safe to say most everyone likes BACON! Even Jews I knew in LA snuck bacon. It is just makes anything better. It is even excellent as a stirrer in a Bloody Mary! Fry it super crisp and let it dry then stick it in your glass along side your dill pickle spear, or celery stalk or my personal favorite a okra threaded on a plastic sword with a cube of pepper jack cheese, a cherry tomato, and a pearl onion. This makes a beautiful cocktail and is scrumptious to boot. Take a three pound package of bacon and cut it into inch cubes and place in a fry pan with a little olive oil.

Brown it well then remove from rendered fat at let set on paper towels to drain. Add two thinly sliced onions to the leftover oil and slowly caramelize the onions approx. 35 mins. Add 2 T of Worchestershire Sauce then i C of strongly brewed black coffee (I also add 1/4 c to 1/2 cup of a good bourbon like Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, Knob Hill or what ever your preference.) along to this add 1 c of brown sugar, 2 tsp of chili powder 1 tsp of ground cumin and a little (or lot) of ceyenne pepper OR Franks Red Hot. Simmer all of this till it is nice and thick like a jam.

It may take 45mins to 2 hrs depending on how much bacon and liquids I use. You can scale this recipe down easily but I have found I can never make to much. We use it to top hamburgers, baked potatoes, use it as an amazing appetitizer on cream cheese and crackers. It also goes well inside of omelets, or top of scrambled eggs. Will keep for up to 2 weeks but it has never lasted this long. We even spread it on a flour tortilla and make quesedillas. The way I originally intended it to be used was for our Ranch hand burger.

To make our signature burger toast your hamburger buns and place on a plate. Take equal parts of ketchup, mustard, and mayo and mix together for the condiment spread and slather on the toasted bun. Take two hand crafted hamburger patties and pan fry in a HOT skillet..When the burgers are done take your favorite cheese that has been grated and place a heaping amount on the patties. Let the cheese cascade down the sides and onto the pan (this will be a cheese skirt) then take a lid and place over the top of the patties and let the cheese melt and the cheese will get nice and crispy on the pan--believe me--this is what you want even though you may not know it.

Take a spatula and gently lift the meat from the pan being careful not to fold the crisped cheese up under it. Then cheese will stick out from the bun all the way around the sandwich and will look very inticing. Slather a good amount of the bacon bourbon jam onto the top bun and lay it beside the other bun with patties. You can put lettuce, tomatoes, pickles or what ever--dress it up or down as you want. I signature burger calls for candy jalapenos.

I use to can these but find now that if you buy a hugh jar (for commercial use) and pour the juice into a large bowl all you have to do is stir in 3 cups of sugar, a little red pepper flakes and a spoon of chili powder then mix very well and repour over the jalapenos. Store in the frig. Use with everything. These also are good on crackers spread with cream cheese. Hope you enjoy our signature Ranch Hand Burger from The Expressway Lounge!

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Thank you. I am glad you like it. It is really good as I mentioned in a baked potato. We also like to take a flour tortilla and butter it the slather on the bacon bourbon jam, add grilled chicken, and shredded cheese and grill it to make a quesadilla

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