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A bible is a thing of beauty:

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I thought this was a brave move...and what ever the motive ...it is getting the Bible out...in what is fast becoming a secular country...the UK.

A bible is a thing of beauty: Gove to send one St James text to every school in move blasted as 'unacceptable waste of money'

The Prime Minister will send every school in Britain a copy of the King James Bible – complete with a foreword by the Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Mr Gove said the Bible was the most ‘important book written in the English language’ and had major cultural and historical significance.

But the move is highly controversial with non-religious groups condemning it as an unacceptable waste of public money.

But Mr Gove said: ‘It‘s a thing of beauty, and it‘s also an incredibly important historical artefact. It has helped shape and define the English language and is one of the keystones of our shared culture. And it is a work that has had international significance’.

The third official translation of the Bible into English, also known as the Authorised Version, was commissioned by the Protestant King James I in 1604.

It was completed by 54 scholars working on Hebrew and Greek manuscripts in Oxford, Cambridge and Westminster. It became the official version used by the Church of England and was spread around the world along with the British Empire.

It's a vanity project: John Prescott was quick to criticise Gove's plans

But its popularity has also endured because of the poetry and the majesty of its language, with many of its original phrases entering popular conversation.

Among the most famous coinages in its 66 books are ‘the powers that be’, ‘the apple of his eye’ and ‘the writing on the wall’.

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Interesting. Most schools here have a small library within the school. I am guessing the same with England. In every library here, stand alone or school affiliated, there is at least one copy of some version of the Bible. So my question is, if they don't over there, why don't they, or if they do, what is the motive of the politician to provide one? It is interesting also that this development is being presented as a point of controversy.

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Considering how very conscious governments are of not offending multi-religions, this is is amazing.

Are there protests aboutthis - or are they promoting it as a 'Book of Poetry' ??

Oh - just an aside here.....

Yesterday out witnessing, we met a man who actually DID listen to some things we said.

We here often hear the comment that Jehovah's witnesses have our 'own' Bible - I'm thinking that they believe that we have radical thoughts in 'our' Bible.

So I told this man that our 'core' beliefs were taken from studying the King james Bible.

They didn't publish the NWT untilt he early 60's.

He didn't know this and you could see he was impressed.

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