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Thursday, June 14 When I wish to do what is right, what is bad is present with me.​—Rom. 7:21.

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Thursday, June 14

When I wish to do what is right, what is bad is present with me.—Rom. 7:21.


Paul had full confidence that he could win his internal battle by prayerfully relying on Jehovah and exercising faith in Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. What about us? As we struggle against giving in to our own fleshly weaknesses, we can succeed. How? By imitating Paul, by fully relying on Jehovah and not on our own strength, and by having faith in the ransom. There are times when God may allow us to demonstrate the depth of our concern about a matter. For instance, what if we (or a family member) were stricken by a serious illness or we were faced with some injustice? We would show our full trust in Jehovah by supplicating him in prayer to give us the strength to keep faithful and not lose our joy and spiritual balance. (Phil. 4:13) The experience of many, both in Paul’s day and in ours, proves that prayer can help us to renew our power and build up confidence to continue enduring. w16.09 2:14, 15

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

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This is so very timely. It also reminds me of a recent CO talk about "Don't let your hands drop", and he discussed varying trials. I think that talk gave me the strength I needed to deal with subsequent trials. I find it can be difficult to rely fully on Jehovah in times of trial, myself, but scriptural reminders like this are a good motivator.

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It took humility for Paul to admit this. When he did, he prevented his imperfect tendencies from overcoming him. Paul gained the wisdom and understanding needed to cope with challenges and make good decisions by allowing himself to be guided and by relying on Jehovah. We are urged to do the same. 
If we see some character flaws that don't align with Jehovah's standards, we need to address them quickly and make the necessary changes. We need to use God's Word to assist us along with heartfelt prayer to Jehovah. In some cases, we may need the assistance of the loving shepherds. Yes, because of the ransom, we have hope. So let's put on that suit of armor to help protect us against the efforts of the wicked spirits to get us to do what is bad. 

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This is one of my favourite scriptures. I love Pauls honesty when he describes how difficult it is to do what is right because he has knowledge of gods law, but in his body he is captive to sin. It helped me alot when I was still studying, and trying to get my lifestyle more  in line with Jehovahs standards. It really inspired me to know that if someone like Paul struggled,  then it was natural that I too would struggle

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It truely is a wonderful scripture! When we think of all the odds that are stacked against us. . .

Inherent sin from Adam & Eve means that there is a constant struggle inside of us between “IT” and our created nature, which was in God’s image. Then of course, we are born into Satan’s world - his territory - his rules, all of which conspire to overwhelm our God given conscience from the start. In many instances, our families, neighbours, aquaintances, workmates, authorities. . . can all be pawns in Satan’s hand to be used against us. We are not even Jehovah’s first choice of people, as were the Israelites - just a grafted on wild branch!

Satan has so many weapons at his disposal to overwhelm us. . . . but nothing is a match for the incredible power of Jehovah’s holy spirit which we have at our disposal, just by asking through Jesus!


Imagine our Father’s pride when, despite all the odds, miserable creatures like us ASK for that holy spirit using our own free will! (We really cannot go it alone in this time of the end, against all those odds!) Jehovah really wants us to succeed! What a reply our Father will have for Satan at the final test if against all odds, we can maintain our integrity until then - because we really have nothing to recommend us, except our faith in the ransome sacrifice, our obedience and love for the One who allowed Jesus to volunteer to die for us. Our loyalty and steadfastness vindicate both Jehovah’s name AND his decision to provide the ransome. Like Paul, I pray constantly that I will not disappoint - and I worry constantly that I might!

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