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Epidemic of Silence About Sexual Abuse in the Evangelical Church.

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58 minutes ago, JW2017 said:

A very in depth conemdation of the Baptist organization. This is a tell-tail on that organization: "Over 2016 and 2017, Mullen found 192 instances of a leader from an influential church or evangelical institution being publicly charged with sexual crimes involving a minor, including rape, molestation, battery and child pornography." It is noted that is the number of  their leadrs that are the charged molesters, not church members. This in just two years.

It is also interesting that the comments from readers vary somewhat, but we don't see the vial comments apostates publish when Jehovah Witnesses are the news item.

 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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I wish that we as an orgization were completely free of any case of sexual abuse, but that is not realistic considering the world around us and human weakness. What was reported in the article of course is just the very smallest part of what is going on in the Baptist Church. Studies have shown that there is no difference in morals between nominal Christians and non-Christians, in fact if anything the so called Christians score lower with higher rates of divorce. The baptists according to what people say, many who are baptists themselves, makes it sound like the baptists are a bunch of swingers (people with loose morals). This reputation is the complete opposite of the devout holy  God fearing apperence baptists like to show, but it is for many just a show.


The reason for this huge difference between appearance and reality is due to hypocrisy, saying one thing but doing another, Christian in name only. The level of hypocrisy is perhaps best illustrated by the old joke. If you take a Baptist fishing he will drink all your beer, but if you take two, they don’t drink any.  The level of Baptist hypocrisy is so great and well known that it is literally a joke. 


This is is one of the differences between the Truth and false religion, practicing what you preach. All of us have to toe the line and hold fast to God’s standards or we are in danger of making the Truth look like the Baptist Church. Our faithfully holding to Bible principles and the elder arrangement for removing the unrepentant, along with the Holy Spirit, is all that keeps us from becoming a Baptist Church look-a-like. As the world continues to degenerate and the Churches follow them,  we will come under increasing moral pressure. If we hold fast, the light of the Truth will shine bright in a morally darkened world.

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