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JW geneticist invited by ID website to comment on scientific paper!

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Hello dear brothers and sisters, nice to meet you. I'm brother Richard from the Netherlands and I joined the JWTalk family yesterday (thanks brother Lynn!). This is my first post here.

I have always been interested in science and the discussion on ~Evolution vs Creation/Intelligent Design (ID)~ and recently, my favorite Darwin-skeptic website "Evolution News and Views" posted a comment from Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig, who is a German geneticist but also an elder in a German congregation!

Here's the link, I'm so proud he is invited to comment as an authority in his field:


In case you want to read his contribution to Awake!, please read his story and viewpoint in the -still beautiful- september issue of 2006 (one of my all-time favorites) or, more recently, the brochure "Was Life Created?"


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Hello Richard and welcome...

I thought I would post the write up from the Awake...as some viewers may not have access to the Wt library...

WOLF-EKKEHARD LÖNNIGPROFILE: Over the past 28 years, I have done scientific work dealing with genetic mutation in plants. For 21 of

those years, I have been employed by the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, in Cologne, Germany. For almost three

decades, I have also served as an elder in a Christian congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.My empirical research in genetics and my studies

of biological subjects such as physiology and morphology bring me face-to-face with the enormous and often unfathomable complexities of life.

My study of these topics has reinforced my conviction that life, even the most basic forms of life, must have an intelligent origin.The

scientific community is well aware of the complexity found in life. But these fascinating facts are generally presented in a strong

evolutionary context.

In my mind, however, the arguments against the Bible account of creation fall apart when subjected to scientific scrutiny. I have examined such arguments over decades.

After much careful study of living things and consideration of the way the laws governing the universe seem perfectly adjusted so that

life on earth can exist, I am compelled to believe in a Creator.

“Everything I Observe Has a Cause”

from the article I got ...

"By mutative reduction of the genetic potential, modifications became "heritable". -- As strange as it may at first sound, however, this has nothing to do with the inheritance of acquired characteristics. For the characteristics were not acquired evolutionarily, but existed from the very beginning due to the greater adaptability."

which is enough for me as I am not a scientist...:D

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I appreciate the efforts of brothers in the scientific community not only remaining faithful to Jehovah but also providing sound evidence for their convictions through their scientific abilities and research. It is all way over my head but I can appreciate that they remain well respected in the scientific community.

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