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Tuesday, February 5 ~ Faith follows the thing heard.​—Rom. 10:17.

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Tuesday, February 5

Faith follows the thing heard.—Rom. 10:17.


Since early in human history, men and women of faith have learned about God in three primary ways: by observing the visible creation, from other God-fearing humans, and by experiencing the blessings of living in harmony with God’s righteous standards and principles. (Isa. 48:18) By observing the physical creation, Noah would have seen abundant evidence not only of God’s existence but also of his many invisible qualities, such as “his eternal power and Godship.” (Rom. 1:20) As a result, Noah did more than believe in God; he developed strong faith in him. Noah no doubt learned much from his relatives. These included his father, Lamech, who was a man of faith and whose life overlapped Adam’s. They also included his grandfather Methuselah and his great-great-grandfather Jared, whose life overlapped Noah’s by 366 years. (Luke 3:36, 37) In any event, what Noah learned touched his heart, moving him to serve God.—Gen. 6:9. w18.02 9 ¶4-5

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It's always exciting and encouraging to hear faith-strengthening stories from fellow worshippers and to read them in the Year Book. I don't think there are many witnesses who don't have a few of their own.


One time, I had to take a plane out of town for a job seminar that was supposed to last two whole days, making it impossible to reach the mid-week meeting in time. On the second day the attendees were informed quite early in the day that we would finish earlier than anticipated, and during the next break I found that there was an earlier flight I could take which would let me make it to the meeting in time. I called booking support, but it turned out that the fee for changing my ticket cost more than I had in my account.


Throughout the next few hours and in the breaks I prayed - I really wanted to go to the meeting! - and tried to sort out an immediate bank transfer, but only my wife had the same bank (necessary for the transfer to occur instantly) and she didn't have enough money herself. In the last break I checked my bank account, ready to accept defeat.


There was enough money there now? With no new transfers?!


Now I even had a little more than I needed to book the early flight. I changed my ticket with haste and took the plane. But there's more. Upon arrival I discovered that my car was almost completely out of gas. On top of that, I'd forgotten that I would have to pay the parking fee of about $50 in order to get out of the parking lot! The remaining money in my account was just enough to cover parking and a few litres of gas. I drove straight to the meeting and just got there on time (wife and kids took the other car). What a day 🙂


I never quite managed to figure out what happened with my account that day. Although I suspect it had to do with transactions being delayed (or something similar), it sure was no coincidence.

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One year, I rode to a Convention with a sister and her three kids.

We had just enough money between us to cover gas down, the hotel room, a little food, the contribution

box, and gas back.


Or, so we thought...


By the end of the Convention, we were down to just five bucks and less than a quarter of a tank of gas.

Her car was an old red station wagon that made about 8 miles to the gallon,

and that was with a strong tail wind, and we were nearly 150 miles from home.


Neither of us know, for sure, how we were able to make it on such a little bit of gas, but we 'somehow' did.^_^


An even more amazing thing was something that happened along the way.

It was getting dark and raining so hard the windshield wipers could barely keep up.

Suddenly, there was a deer's head in her driver's window, so close its nose was almost touching

the glass.  The next instant, its butt was in my window.  We glanced at one another in disbelief.

It was like the deer had just passed right through the car!


We both still get goose bumps whenever we think of that particular Convention trip.:D

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