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A shared Interest in Photography


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You may recall the video that was shown at a convention a few years ago entitled "Find Friends in Unexpected Places" https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/pub-apv_1_VIDEO


It was about how a common interest in photography helped 2 brothers of different ages to find friendship. I was reminded about this video several months ago when this very situation played out in my life. We had a young couple join our congregation who had moved to NZ from Croatia. After working with the brother in the ministry one morning we discovered we had a common interest in photography. This marked the beginning of a very special friendship between myself and this young brother.


Up until then I was not aware of anyone else in my congregation who was so enthusiastic about photography. We immediately hit it off and we often got into some quite deep conversations about the various methods and approaches we took to photography and the various goals we had to improve the results we got. We learned a lot from each other and when we had opportunity we would go somewhere to shoot pictures  often in places and at times we both admitted we would never have done alone.


For example, we had a common interest in learning how to do Astro-Photography – photos taken at night. We had some fun times walking around in the dark with our gear trying to get photos of the milky way and other night scenes. He had a better grasp of it than me so I got some great ideas from him. But Auckland was a new city for him so he needed my help to find his way around to get to the scenes we were both looking for. 


Below, is a shot we took at a place called Bethell's Lake. It was miles away from the city over a mountain range on the edge of the city which shielded us from the city lights. That's him on the Dune. Sadly, he and his wife had to return to their country and we no longer get to enjoy each others shared interest in photography. But I have some great memories of our time spent together.


The other pic was a shot I took while doing a "city lights" shoot in Auckland City.




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That's a great experience Dave! 


I have been doing photography for pleasure and for work. I'm not sure of anyone with this interest in my congregation, either. There are photography forums out there but they mostly end up being gear related, rather than for the sake of the image. 


The nice thing about photography is that it teaches you to see beautiful things. 


I hope I can assist with something here.. I'll certainly learn something. 

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Thanks for responding to my post Alan. 


So what kind of work do you do that involves taking photos? It may be similar to what I do (or have done in the past), and it sounds like we already agree on at least one thing... it's all about the final image.

I'm interested in a variety of subjects with my photography: landscapes, architecture, cars, birds, animals, floral, macro, portraits. I'll try just about anything. But I must admit I get most of my satisfaction from processing my images. It's the end result I'm ultimately aiming for. It's true what you say about learning to see beauty. For me that involves being observant of what might seem to others to be insignificant details, for eg. when doing portraits its the catch-lights in the eyes that can make the shot. When shooting flowers, it could be the droplets of water on the surface that makes the shot sparkle. And yet I still have a lot to learn. And there are still a lot of things I want to try. 


Are you on instagram? I put a few of my images on there under dmacnz_photography if you want to take a look. I also have a simple website: www.dmac.nz


What kind of photos do you like producing?

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Hello my brother! Beautiful photos here. I never had a job in photography, but I used to live with my camera (SRT 101) that I bought when I was 16. I shot weddings for friends in the congregation, car shows for myself, and anything else that caught my fancy over the years…sunsets, flowers, rocks, whatever. And from all the miles of negatives, thousands of slides, and now thousands of family iPhotos, I may actually have some and can point to that I was fortunate enough to capture just right (to my mind) and truly have joy when I look at them. For the most part I just try to make my picture “as is”. The way it caught my attention. Now it’s all iPhone shooting and has been for the last 10 years or so. I stopped using my camera back in 1990 about halfway through my 3 week trip to China and came to the realization that I didn’t want to remember my whole trip through the viewfinder.

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