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My Aunty sent me this Illustration.


The Ultimate Serial Killer

Here is a very vivid illustration:

You come home after being gone for the day. As you approach your front door,

you feel that something isn't "right." You unlock the door and step inside.

Your house has been ransacked. It's a complete mess and your things are

strewn everywhere. You immedi

ately call the police. They arrive within minutes.

They have seen it before. The house is ransacked and a few valuables are

missing. It's the same m.o. as all the others. The Forensic team is called

in and your house is dusted for fingerprints. Much to everyone's surprise,

they find ONE fingerprint! They lift it and they leave. And you begin to

pick up the shattered pieces of what was once your safe and secure home.

Your very lives have been violated and you are completely powerless.

Two days later, you get a call from the police. The officer has good news

and bad news.

"It's the same guy and we know who he is by his fingerprint! But we have not

been able to catch him. He breaks in when no one is home. He takes whatever

he deems valuable, ransacks the place and then leaves. That's the good


"What's the BAD news?" you ask.

"This particular thief ALWAYS returns to the same house within thirty days

and murders one or two of the residents. And he does this without fail."

"WHAT?" You can't believe what you are hearing. "He is coming back to murder

one or more of us?"

"Yes." The officer replies. "He is a serial killer and you are his next


You and your family are on full alert. You have secured your home to the

best of your ability. A week passes and nothing happens. The police officer

calls you but all is well. Two weeks pass and nothing happens. The officer

calls again and still all is well. Three weeks pass and still nothing

happens. You get another call from the officer but all is still quiet. As

the fourth week begins, do you rest, thinking that this notorious thief has

forgotten about you and your family? Do you send your children out to play

and tell them to have fun but to make sure they are home before dark?

It's now been twenty eight days and the thief has not returned. You get a

call from the police. "We are sending a swat team to your home. You will not

be able to see them because they will be invisible to you and your family.

But they are armed and ready for the killer when he returns. We will take

him out and he will not be able to harm you. We have your back!"

How do you feel now?

The significance of this illustration:

Satan is the ultimate serial killer. He enters our secure and safe

environment when we least expect it and he ransacks our lives.even taking

valuable things from us, like our time, our house, our job, our health and

even our spirituality. But he does not kill us just yet. He leaves us for a

time and waits for us to become settled again, even comfortable.

Within a certain time, he returns. This time he has only one objective:


But Jehovah is watching. And He is warning us of impending danger. IF we

heed his warnings and we don't become complacent, He sends out his angelic

"swat" team, ones invisible to our eyes, to protect us from being

spiritually murdered and ultimately, physically murdered by Satan.

This system has gone on for some time. Since the last days began, several

"weeks" have passed. Our lives stay busy in this system. Many of us have

lost our sense of urgency and the need to stay spiritually alert at all

times. Satan wants us to lose our life.

We are now just shy of "thirty days." Satan is returning to finish the job

he started.

Who will you trust to protect you and your family? Yourself, or Jehovah and

his angelic swat team? Will you have heeded the warnings that have been

given you on a regular basis or will you choose to believe that Satan will

not return for you or your family? Only relying on Jehovah, and praying for

his Holy Spirit, will we get the help we need, to be safe. Our relationship

that is so important, is our relationship with our heavenly father. Love

him, and he will bless your efforts. and you will be protected.


Stay alert and stay safe within the protective realm of Jehovah's

organization, because, if you don't have life, you don't have anything!

"It's a known fact that eighty decibels of rushing water is one of the most pleasing sounds known to mankind. On other hand, ten and a half days at sea is enough water for anybody." 


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Yep a great illustration, along the lines of the new DVD....after escaping and the Romans didn't come back, what happened to those who fled and decided it was safe to return to Jerusalem even though the prophecy/warning hadn't been fully accomplished yet?

Get more exercise....walk with Jehovah!

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